"Vyon's decision to go with Parallels RAS was crystal clear. It effortlessly addressed our core challenges by streamlining cloud platform management, eliminating unnecessary complexities present in other solutions. With robust redundancy, hassle-free load balancing, and heightened security, including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Parallels RAS was a natural fit for our mission of delivering dependable services to our clients, especially in sensitive sectors such as healthcare and finance."

Mike Tatar
Mike Tatar
IT Manager, Vyon Technology

In 2012, Vyon Technology, a reputable Managed Service Provider (MSP) based in Phoenix, Arizona, was founded.

The company's inception was the brainchild of Mike Tatar, who, as the owner of another MSP firm, picked up on a recurring sentiment among clients.

These clients consistently communicated their wish to shift away from on-premises servers to offsite or cloud-based solutions. They no longer wanted to invest in hardware.

Seeing the potential in addressing this market need, Tatar founded Vyon Technology.

The company specializes in serving key industries; medical, financial services, and construction (heavy equipment).

Vyon Technology takes pride in offering these sectors comprehensive, fully managed application and desktop services, complete with reliable backup solutions tailored to their clients’ specific requirements.

The challengeStreamlining cloud platform management and cost efficiency

Vyon Technology was looking for:

  • Advanced security and scalability
  • A cost-effective solution
  • An easy to manage solution

Vyon Technology built their own cloud platform from the ground up and established two data centers.

As they grew, they needed load balancers, dual factor authentication, and reporting.

They started with Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) but there were too many components and add-on services that were required. This resulted in working with multiple vendors and overspending on services they had no use for.

They also researched Citrix which was robust, but a Citrix administrator would be required just to manage the environment—an exorbitant cost and money not well spent.

Citrix Netscalers were great tools as load balancers but very complex for what was needed.

Tatar had heard of Parallels RAS and what he knew piqued his interest, including the inclusion of a load balance solution.

With Parallels RAS, there is no need to log in to the load balancers to verify anything. They work as soon as they are deployed.

"We sought an all-encompassing ecosystem to effortlessly handle load balancing, MFA authentication, and reporting – crucial aspects where MS RDS fell short. As well, Citrix presented intricate complexities requiring to onboard Citrix administrators. This was financially unwise, considering our existing in-house expertise."

Mike Tatar
Mike Tatar
IT Manager, Vyon Technology

The testA thorough examination of redundancy and load balancing

Vyon Technology moved forward with a Parallels RAS proof of concept (POC), and they were genuinely impressed with its simplicity and effectiveness.

During the initial 30-day internal testing phase, they stood up a very straightforward environment within two hours.

Their team, motivated to ensure the robustness of Parallels RAS, made multiple attempts to challenge the redundancy and load balancing capabilities of the product.

Once they were fully satisfied, they expanded their testing to real customers. These customers were involved in various tasks, including scanning, printing, and generating reports.

In particular, Vyon Technology worked closely with numerous accountants, many of whom are Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). As anyone familiar with the field knows, printing tax forms can often present a considerable challenge.

Parallels RAS not only met their expectations but also demonstrated its capability to handle even the most demanding tasks efficiently.

That was enough for Vyon Technology to make the decision to add Parallels RAS to their MSP toolbox.

The solutionVyon's versatile cloud solutions with Parallels RAS: from white labeling to advanced security and scalability

Using Parallels RAS, Vyon Technology has built three core services:

  1. Application cloud: Enabling customer applications to be accessible through both a web browser and the Parallels RAS client.
  2. Business cloud: A fully managed virtual desktop solution.
  3. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Providing the infrastructure the customer needs to run their entire environment in the cloud.

While some of Vyon Technology’s clients have on-premises requirements, the majority leverage their cloud platform.

For those with unique branding needs, Vyon Technology offers Parallels RAS as a white-label solution, including customization of the Parallels Client, ensuring a seamless and branded experience.

Vyon Technology hosts 60 dealers on the platform of one of their most noteworthy clients, a software developer specializing in heavy equipment dealers.

They leverage Parallels RAS to publish specific applications as part of their Application Cloud offering, reinforcing the adaptability of their services.

Vyon Technology is especially keen about the following features of Parallels RAS:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): A client requirement vital for sensitive sectors like the medical and financial services.
  • Multi-tenancy: Serving multiple clients on a shared infrastructure while maintaining isolation and security has allowed Vyon Technology to maximize resource efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Printing and scanning: Integral features of their hosting solutions.
  • Built-in redundancy: Provides unparalleled reliability, ensuring uninterrupted service.
  • Scaling and load balancing: Beneficial for tax clients who experience high-demand seasons, such as January to April (tax season). Parallels RAS makes it easy to scale up and down to accommodate evolving user counts.

Tatar has even used his Galaxy fold phone to access and manage the company’s hosting environment. In under 30 seconds, he was able to reboot a virtual machine, even accessing the administration portal on a car screen.

This highlights the flexibility and accessibility of Parallels RAS.

"Multi-tenancy, efficient printing, scanning, built-in redundancy, and scalable load balancing – Parallels RAS meets our diverse needs."

Mike Tatar
Mike Tatar
IT Manager, Vyon Technology

The result30% growth with Parallels RAS; unlocking growth potential

Since partnering with Parallels RAS, Vyon Technology has seen substantial year-over-year growth, boasting an impressive 30% increase.

This surge is attributed to several key results:

  1. Cost efficiency: External consultants are not required to manage their environment. Training their in-house IT administrators takes just two hours. In contrast, it typically takes three months to fully train someone to set up an environment with Citrix.
  2. Cost savings: The Parallels RAS licensing model offers instant savings. “This is what attracted us to Parallels in the first place”, explains Tatar.
  3. Efficient administrator console: Seamlessly connects to multiple connection brokers and provides comprehensive control from a single interface.
  4. Increased uptime: The redundancies built into the systems have significantly enhanced uptime, providing clients with a more stable and reliable experience.
  5. Customized Reporting: User logon reports, including logon and logoff times and idle durations, are highly requested by clients. With Parallels RAS, Vyon Technology has been able to set up an SQL server, making report generation easy and efficient.

As for what lies ahead, Vyon Technology’s commitment to Parallels RAS remains unwavering.

"The relationship between Vyon and Parallels is growing stronger with every passing day. We are continually migrating clients to Parallels RAS, and every new client is seamlessly integrated into our Parallels ecosystem. Our future with Parallels looks promising, and we are excited to continue this successful partnership."

Mike Tatar
Mike Tatar
IT Manager, Vyon Technology
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