Secure Remote Access: Protect your Corporate Data with Parallels RAS

Adopt secure remote access controls when delivering virtual desktops and apps.

VDI offers affordable, centrally managed and secure practices to protect against malicious attacks and malware by restricting data access from network-connected mobile devices.

The Importance of Data Security

Data security is a crucial factor for any organization's IT department. However, the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) model can cause security problems for IT teams when data is stored on mobile devices. As a result, companies are implementing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions to address mobile security in the workplace. With VDI, corporate information is stored centrally on a server or the cloud instead of the end-user device. Devices connected in a VDI environment don't store any data; the employee operates with the server resources over a secure connection. Therefore, the data never leaves the centralized storage environment—and it is still accessible from mobile devices.

Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) centralizes and protects sensitive corporate data using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 encryption protocols. Moreover, IT administrators can restrict access to sensitive resources based on user, group, MAC address, IP address and incoming gateway. With granular filtering, users are restricted from access to certain data. IT administrators can add another layer of security with multifactor authentication (MFA). Parallels RAS offers an excellent solution to secure corporate data from malicious activity and data leakage.

Securing Corporate Data with a VDI Solution

IT security is crucial, especially for federally regulated industries such as finance and healthcare. Furthermore, a data breach can be expensive for the organization. The cost of global data breaches to organizations will rise to over $5 trillion by 2024 as regulatory fines take hold and firms become more dependent on digital systems, according to new predictions from Juniper Research.

Parallels RAS is a user-friendly VDI solution that works with major hypervisors and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS), providing mobile users with a seamless experience. At the same time, it offers robust protection for enterprise security concerns—all at a reduced cost!

The Parallels RAS application and desktop delivery solution includes expansive security features—such as encrypted connections, real-time monitoring and alerts and highly granular permission settings—to protect corporate data from malicious activity.

secure corporate data

Encrypted connections

When the end-user device accesses data on the central server, the connection must be encrypted. Parallels RAS integrates with SSL and FIPS 140-2 encryption protocols in addition to MFA and demilitarized zone (DMZ) deployment for highly secured connections. Full integration with encryption technology guarantees a secure channel between servers and clients operating over the cloud or an on-premises network.

secure corporate data

Real-time monitoring and reporting

IT administrators must be able to monitor the IT infrastructure to protect sensitive information. Parallels RAS provides in-depth user session visibility so that IT administrators can identify the actions users perform on the network. Moreover, the Parallels RAS environment can be auto-baselined, with notifications and alerts sent when abnormal activity takes place.

secure corporate data

Advanced permissions filtering

IT administrators using Parallels RAS can restrict access to sensitive data based on user or group, MAC address, IP address and gateway. With more granular permission settings, network users only have access to data relative to their needs and level of trust within the organization. Parallels RAS provides IT administrators the ability to control the end-user activity on the network, a highly valuable feature for corporate security.

Secure Corporate Data — Key Takeaways

While implementing a VDI solution won't solve all security concerns on an IT infrastructure, it can provide significant benefits if implemented correctly. By storing data on a central server and managing who has access to what, IT teams can secure the network from intrusions or data loss. This makes Parallels RAS ideal for financial services IT solutions.

In a fully enclosed, secure environment, Parallels RAS provides IT administrators ultimate flexibility in delivering Windows applications and desktops to employees on any device, anywhere. This VDI solution integrates all the remote applications and desktop delivery features—including reporting, encryption, MFA and granular permissions—in one straightforward licensing fee. Parallels RAS is easy to install and deploy and offers robust security for corporate data, which makes it the ideal application delivery solution.