Citrix XenApp Migration Tool

  • Move away from Citrix XenApp migration cost and complexity.
  • Quickly switch to Parallels® RAS with our free Citrix XenApp 6.x migration tool.
  • Equip your organization with an easy-to-use and high-performing application delivery and VDI solution while reducing TCO.

Why You Should Switch

Reduce Complexity

Parallels RAS streamlines management and scaling of the IT infrastructure via a single pane of glass. Complex administrative tasks are simplified with smart wizards, providing administrators the most efficient path to application delivery.

Get an All-In-One Solution

Retain all the features you need at a fraction of the cost. In the case of migrating from Citrix XenApp, enable VDI while reducing TCO. Create your ideal infrastructure by mixing and matching RDS and VDI technologies without extra cost or add-ons.

Cut Costs

No third-party or expensive add-ons are needed, such as Citrix ADC. Parallels RAS lowers IT overheads, resources and complexity while significantly reducing TCO. Regain up to 80% of the time typically used to configure and manage desktop clients.

Ramp-up your IT skills

Parallels RAS is easy to deploy, configure and manage enabling your teams to deliver applications and desktops in hours instead of days. In addition, Parallels provides comprehensive free training courses, to speed up the learning curve.

We make it easy

Citrix Xenapp Migration Tool

Installation and Configuration

Setting up Parallels RAS is simple and straightforward without complicated training. Parallels RAS comes with pre-configured SSL Certificates, auto-configured Microsoft RDSH Services role, and built-in HTML5 web access.

Citrix Xenapp Migration Tool

Application Delivery and VDI Solution

Under one license, IT Administrators can publish resources (such as Applications and Desktops) from both RDS hosts and VDI Desktops. Mixing and matching different applications and desktops from different OSs.

Citrix Xenapp Migration Tool

VDI and RDSH Auto-Provisioning

Parallels RAS allows automatically provisioning of the remote desktop session hosts (RDSH) and VMs enabling deployments to auto-scale based on the load. Moreover, RDS and VDI deployment and can be fully automated with PowerShell scripts.

Citrix Xenapp Migration Tool

Single License Model

Parallels RAS single license model enables all the capabilities out-of-the-box, providing enterprise-range features such as Gateways Load Balancing and reporting to any organization while lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Citrix Xenapp Migration Tool

Windows Server Multi-OS Support

Parallels RAS supports Windows Server 2008 onwards and allows the combination of different server OS versions under the same group. Administrators can mix-and-match any server OS and, if required, migrate to newer systems at their own pace.

Citrix Xenapp Migration Tool


The Parallels RAS Reporting engine runs on any SQL server and doesn't require extra licensing. Custom reports are available to make the infrastructure administration easier and help detect bottlenecks.

“At a very low cost, Parallels RAS fully met our application delivery needs on low-speed access.”

Antoine Trillard

DSI (IT Director)

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Citrix Xenapp Migration Tool“Coming from our previous solution, we particularly appreciated the simplicity of use of Parallels RAS. Compared to the competitors, it is an ideal solution for small and medium-sized companies, thanks to lower costs of licensing and maintenance.”

Carmela Bernardo

Managing Director at Forever Living Products Italy

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Citrix Xenapp Migration Tool“We also looked at Citrix, but it was a lot more expensive and trickier.”

Andy Barnes

Head of IT Services

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Citrix Xenapp Migration Tool“Parallels RAS was very easy to deploy; it took much less time than Citrix XenApp.”

Jeremy Stafford

IT Coordinator, Whittlebury Hall Conference & Training Centre, Hoterl & Spa

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Citrix Xenapp Migration Tool“Parallels Remote Application Server has an easy-to-use interface that delivers a high degree of sophistication. The biggest benefit of switching to Parallels Remote Application Server from Citrix is the cost-effectiveness of the overall solution.”

Paul Nicholson

Financial Director

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Migrating to Parallels RAS Is Good for Your Business

Learn more about how switching to Parallels RAS can benefit your company.

Citrix Xenapp Migration– How to Switch to Parallels RAS:

The Parallels RAS migration tool is a free, automated way to easily help customers switch and below you can see how it works.

  1. Download the Migration Tool
  2. Export your Citrix Settings in .XML format
  3. Run the Migration Tool and import the Citrix Settings .XML files
  4. The tool will generate a RAS Import Script with your Citrix Settings
  5. Create a new Parallels RAS Farm
  6. Run the RAS Import Script to import your Citrix settings in your new Parallels RAS Farm
  7. Move your RDSH servers from Citrix to your new Parallels RAS Farm
  8. Your migration is now complete!

The migration tool allows IT administrators to re-create most of the Citrix XenApp 6.x settings, such as:

  • Servers
  • Work groups
  • Applications and their settings
  • Applications folders

NOTE: The Parallels Citrix XenApp 6.x migration tool is a standalone software executed on a separate management workstation. It won’t modify any settings on your existing Citrix XenApp Farm.

How the Citrix XenApp Migration Tool works:

The configuration settings are extracted from the Citrix Farm using Citrix PowerShell SDK. The Parallels RAS migration tool then imports the settings into a new Parallels RAS Farm. The administrators can then verify the new configurations and start migrating the Microsoft RDS servers from Citrix XenApp to Parallels RAS.

Before moving to production, we recommend IT administrators to review the configuration imported to the Parallels RAS environment and finalize settings by replacing Citrix XenApp worker role with the Parallels RAS RD Session Host Agent.