Parallels Remote Application Server provides virtual desktop and application delivery from a single platform. Parallels Remote Application Server allows you to publish full desktops, applications, and documents within a virtual environment, improving desktop manageability, security, and performance.

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Parallels Remote Application Server is an integrated solution to virtualize your applications, desktops and data. Parallels RAS publishes applications and delivers Remote Desktops and VDI to any device in your network, anywhere.

  • Visit KB124222 to learn how to upgrade your Remote Application Server to version 16.2.
  • Read KB123571 to learn about the license upgrade.

You need a Parallels business account to manage your Remote Application Server license. Visit KB123620 to learn how to create a business account during activating or upgrading Parallels Remote Application Server.

You can find all the information about registering and managing your Parallels Remote Application Server license in KB123516.

Simply file a ticket with our Support Team for assistance by clicking here. You can also visit our Knowledge Base for answers to your questions here.

  • Remote Application Server quick start guide: installation - KB124219
  • Remote Application Server quick start guide: configuration - KB124220
  • Multiple Active Publishing Agents - KB124003
  • How to Install and Configure RAS Portal - KB123591
  • Using Parallels Client - KB123586
  • Setting up RAS Reporting - KB123605
  • HALB Appliance Installation and Configuration - KB123607
  • Managing Windows Devices - KB123635
  • VDI – Using Virtualized Resources KB123599
  • How to Configure the HTML5 Gateway KB123590
  • High Availability Load Balancing - Hypervisor Prerequisites - KB123606
  • Firewall Requirements - KB123255
  • System Requirements for Remote Application Server - KB124303
  • How to configure Remote Application Server Client for better performance and confirm that RemoteFX is used in a session - KB123018

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