RDS Monitoring – Keep Track Of Employee Work

rds monitoringMany organizations have employees who are either traveling and working in transit, work remotely on a permanent basis, or are simply not monitored individually by their manager due to a large workforce. Some employees tend to waste time by taking longer lunch or cigarette breaks, coming in to work late, playing games, or spending excessive time on social media etc. Businesses that run in a virtualized environment without RDS monitoring tools might suffer from productivity issues.

The Role of Social Media

Social media provide a range of platforms for businesses to promote their products at cost-effective prices, but may have a negative impact on productivity. Most employees spend a significant portion of office time on social networking sites. According to Forbes, 64% of employees open non-work-related websites every day. 39% of employees waste 1 hour, 21% of employees waste 2-5 hours, and 3% of employees waste more than 10 hours every week. Only 30% of employees do not waste any time in the office. Tumblr is the main distracting element followed by Facebook and Twitter. In terms of money, unproductive time surely impacts on your company’s profitability.

RDS monitoring

Although there are several software tools that can monitor your workforce’s activities, it is not feasible for businesses to implement different tools for different tasks. Businesses need a comprehensive RDP session monitoring tool that can monitor and manage the entire VDI/RDS infrastructure while providing detailed insights into how end users are interacting with corporate resources.

Parallels RAS Reporting

Parallels RAS leverages MS SQL reporting services to provide comprehensive reports allowing better management of a VDI/RDS environment. It provides numerous types of reports that are categorized into five groups, namely user reports, group reports, device reports, server reports, and application reports. User reports, in particular, provide detailed insights into employee activities. Parallels RDP monitoring logs show all sessions produced by all users along with the active time, idle time and disconnected time, allowing you to check the session activity of an individual employee. In addition, you can get the details of the device and OS information of each session. With User reports, managers can get detailed information about the time users connected and disconnected to corporate resources, from which device and also for how long. This helps management monitor employee performance and manage unproductive employees.

With a single solution – Parallels RAS – organizations can effectively keep track of their mobile workforce along with the entire infrastructure.

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