Server Console Tools | Parallels RAS introduces easier VM management!

Server Console Tools: What are they?

Server Console Tools: The Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) Console Tools are a set of utilities you can use to access and perform specific tasks and applications on your Virtual Machines directly through the Parallels RAS Console.

Those tools make day-to-day tasks easier to perform and less time-consuming. In addition, some of them, such as Reboot and Shutdown, can be executed for multiple hosts by selecting more than one target.

Parallels RAS Server Console Tools

In Parallels RAS 17 we added a feature that allows you to manage servers, remote PCs, and user Desktops using some useful Windows Remote Management Tools within the RAS Console. Moreover, IT admins can implement their own tools and add them to the list.

Below is a list of the default tools available:

The tools mentioned above are available for the components listed below:

How-to access the Parallels RAS Server Console Tools

To access the Console Tools, right-click on the selected VM, and navigate to the menu “Tools”.

server console tools


Parallels RAS Console Tools is an evolutionary step taken towards assisting IT admins to manage day-to-day tasks and seamlessly improve user management. Besides the more commonly used Windows tools, IT admins can implement additional 3rd-party tools and make them available for launch via the Parallels RAS Console.

Try-out the tools by downloading your 30-day evaluation period of Parallels RAS.


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