Parallels RAS included on the 2022 TrustRadius overall Best Software List

We’re pleased to announce that Parallels® RAS has been included on the first annual TrustRadius Overall Best Software List for 2022. The Best For Enterprise List, the Best For Mid-Sized List, and the Best For Small Business List also included our solution.  

The Parallels team considers this another major achievement in our ongoing pursuit to provide the best solutions on the market for our customers.  

Moreover, at a time when digital workspaces and related virtualization solutions that enable remote, mobile, and hybrid work are more essential than ever, the Parallels team is thrilled that these prestigious lists included Parallels RAS, a solution that is designed to address these problems.  


What is the TrustRadius Best Software List? 


The TrustRadius Best Software List celebrates products that support the evolution of self-serve buyers by sourcing and using customer reviews.  

To earn a spot on the list, products must have at least 40 reviews submitted during the past year. They must have maintained a trScore* of 7.5 or higher. The criteria for making the TrustRadius Best Software List demonstrate a commitment to transparency, improvement, and user insights.  

TrustRadius is an independent, third-party review site used by over one million business-to-business (B2B) technology buyers each month (over 50% of which are from large enterprises) to make more informed purchase decisions. 

*A trScore is an algorithm that calculates a product’s scores based on a weighted average of reviews and ratings on TrustRadius rather than a simple average. Learn more about the TrustRadius scoring methodology and why it is considered a trusted source of software reviews by leading industry professionals. 


Why did TrustRadius include Parallels RAS in their 2022 Best Software Lists? 


The Overall Best Software List along with the For Enterprise List, the For Mid-sized Business List, and the For Small Business List all included Parallels RAS.  

Being named to multiple lists highlights how Parallels RAS is a highly customizable solution that caters to the whole range of markets, from small businesses to major global corporations.  

This honor also illustrates just how much customers value Parallels RAS for its ability to enable companies and their IT teams to implement, deploy, and manage digital workspaces and applications that allow remote, hybrid, and on-site team members to stay connected and productive from anywhere, at any time, and in nearly any situation. 


What do real users have to say about Parallels RAS? 


Parallels RAS is often praised for its ease of implementation and centralized management consoles along with its excellent technical support and relative affordability compared to competitors.  

But don’t just take our word for it; read what real Parallels RAS users have had to say recently: 

“Parallels Remote [Access Server] has perfected remote access services,” says Molly Osman, computer and information systems manager at Beers Neal PC. “More so, [Parallels RAS] has the appropriate integration with other communications streams, and they all enhance innovation and growth. Top-notch data security is another beneficial option that automatically increases the compliance and privacy of enterprises.”  

“Parallels RAS has more than delivered on our expectations”, reports another verified TrustRadius user. The same user goes on to say that Parallels RAS “is ideal for organizations looking to host their applications in the cloud without the need for installing them on client machines and interacting with different IT departments.” 

A different verified user lauded the simplicity of Parallels RAS, as well as pointing out that it is “highly suitable for work environments that need highly reliable and low-maintenance systems.”  

As of this writing, Parallels RAS has 206 reviews on TrustRadius and a ranking of 9.1 out of 10 stars. 


Learn more about Parallels RAS  


Parallels RAS is a streamlined virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution that delivers virtual desktops and applications. Key benefits include: 

In the latest version of Parallels RAS, 19.0, Parallels continues to solve today’s business challenges with improvements to deployment flexibility (including integration with Amazon Web Services, or AWS) and security along with increased simplicity and usability enhancements for administrators and end users alike. 

Parallels RAS 19.0 enables enterprises, independent software vendors (ISVs), and managed service providers (MSPs) to be more agile and extend their service offerings, all from a single management console.  

Discover the many benefits of Parallels RAS for your organization!