"Clients of ours that have bad internet connections or network restrictions and were using the Azure RemoteApp, experience a significant difference in speed when switching to Parallels Secure Workspace. Finally, they’re able to use the software in the same way as clients with good internet connections and no network restrictions."

Bojan Slegel
Managing Director, CODE3

CODE3 is a German independent software vendor (ISV) that was founded in 2012.

As a business, they develop and sell their fireplan software to fire departments all over Germany and other German-speaking regions.

In essence, fireplan is an ERP for fire departments, providing fire departments and municipalities the ability to document and bill any kind of incident and keep track of educational and personal documentation, such as training schedules and health and equipment checks.

The challenge

By default, fireplan is installed on-premises. Yet, the increasing proliferation of new device types (e.g. Mac OS or Linux), and the need for mobile access is also growing in fire stations.

CODE3 used to leverage Azure RemoteApp to provide mobile access to their end-customers. When Microsoft announced the discontinuation of the Azure RemoteApp service, CODE3 needed to find a suitable alternative.

The solution

By replacing Azure RemoteApp with Parallels Secure Workspace, CODE3 ensured easy, fast and safe access to their software on every platform. Be it either in municipalities with limited internet access or in fire stations that deployed operating systems different from Windows, the Parallels Secure Workspace platform helped enable a connection to fireplan that works even smoother than if it were installed on-premises.

CODE3 tested Parallels Secure Workspace All-in-One on the Azure Marketplace.

"Our trial on the Azure Marketplace worked remarkably from the start, and that really convinced us"

Bojan Slegel
Managing Director, CODE3

The result

CODE3 chose Parallels® Secure Workspace to resolve their issue for the following reasons:

  • No third party: Parallels Secure Workspace is available as a software package. CODE3 runs and operates the software under their name, and in the infrastructure of their choice: Microsoft Azure. There are no additional contracts and processes needed with Parallels Secure Workspace to comply with German privacy regulations.
  • Platform-agnosticism: Cross-platform usage is crucial for the fireplan software. It needs to run not only on desktops and laptops (for everyday usage) but also on tablets in the field or in fire trucks. Furthermore, CODE3 required enablement for all Operating Systems: Apple iOS and Mac OS, Google’s Android, Windows 10, or older Windows platforms.
  • Scalability: Parallels Secure Workspace can allow CODE3 to grow at a faster rate because they would provide their upcoming products via the same channel – guaranteeing a smoother and less disruptive implementation for current clients.
  • Easy to manage: The setup of Parallels Secure Workspace on Azure was very simple. CODE3 only needed to build on top of their existing platform.
  • Speed: Municipalities are often still connected with low bandwidth connections and struggling with network restrictions. In fact, CODE3 had customers who couldn’t run fireplan because of connection issues. With Parallels Secure Workspace’s bandwidth optimization, those issues were largely solved.
  • Support: In the early stage, CODE3 was impressed by how quickly, thoroughly and professionally the Parallels Secure Workspace support team responded to the question they had. “Any questions we had in the earlier stages were very quickly, thoroughly and professionally answered by the Parallels Secure Workspace support team,” Bojan says. “We were surprised by how engaged they were for a company that wasn’t even a customer yet!”

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