"The deployment was very simple and blazingly fast."

Alexandre Delhom
IT Manager, Sud Aero

The SUD AERO Group, based in Merville (France), is a leading supplier and manufacturer of structural elements for the aerospace industry.

With an internal control and craftsmanship of all the trades related to the manufacture of sub-assemblies for their clients in the aerospace sector, SUD AERO is meeting all types of necessary production flows. The group’s IT infrastructure is built with that agility in mind.

Alexandre Delhom, IT Manager, has been in charge for almost five years and has been looking for the most scalable solutions to meet both the strong budgetary constraints of an SME and the company’s evolution and growth.

Enabling secure access for subcontractors

Due to their agility and security objectives, the IT Department has been using Parallels Secure Workspace since early 2018 in addition to meeting the required data security aspects, and ensuring a stable and easy to use way to let its employees and contractors work from anywhere, on any device.

"We are supported by Attitude SI, which introduced us to Parallels Secure Workspace when we were looking for a tool capable of making parts of our IT available to our subcontractors, while maintaining the necessary data security requested by our purchasers. We were instantly surprised by the features offered by the solution, especially since it met all our budgetary constraints."

Alexandre Delhom
IT Manager, Sud Aero

“The solution has been deployed and has fully satisfied our needs for over a year. Furthermore, the deployment was very simple and blazingly fast,” says Alexandre. Currently, SUD AERO uses the Parallels Secure Workspace portal and its built-in Reverse Proxy functionalities to give their subcontractors access to parts of their environment.

“The next step in our master plan is to generalize the use of Parallels Secure Workspace even further. With its multiple architectural possibilities, we could consider outsourcing all our data center operations while maintaining a level of application distribution performance at a lower cost.”

Why Parallels Secure Workspace?

After extensive usage of Parallels Secure Workspace within SUD AERO, Alexandre believes its strengths lie in three different fields:

  • Stability and reliability.
  • Exceptional file sharing capability.
  • New versions published periodically with improved features.

"Attitude SI has really been able to support us in integrating the environment by anticipating all our needs and ensuring the link with the vendor. Those of us who work in a co-pilot mode in our projects have found that communication is reactive and testifies of a splendid mastery of the solution. In short, we were well advised to use Parallels Secure Workspace!"

Alexandre Delhom
IT Manager, Sud Aero

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