Secure and cost-effective remote access in healthcare settings

The healthcare industry is facing many challenges with enabling end users to work securely at any time from any device. It is often difficult for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and private practices to ensure great patient care while keeping costs low and productivity high.

Mobile working in the healthcare industry

Hospitals and nursing homes handle heavily regulated private patient data which is accessed via specific applications. Doctors, nurses, and other staff need to access that data at various locations; not only in the clinic or hospital, but also at patients' homes, in their private practices, or while on the go.

Combining efficient patient care with secure data and IT management is a significant struggle for today's healthcare IT leaders.

Access for medical doctors

Health professionals often work at multiple locations and on various devices, but they access to their patient databases from anywhere, at any given time.

Parallels Secure Workspace allows medical teams to securely access all their applications and data on any device via any browser.

Cost-effective digitization

IT departments are bound by tight budgets and struggle to mobilize their workforce within their available budgets.

Parallels Secure Workspace leverages your investments with a TCO that is up to 81% less expensive than competing solutions such as a VPN or Citrix.

Reduce tech support workload

IT departments are often swamped with support tickets about printing, security, and remote working due to the complex environments they manage.

Parallels Secure Workspace prioritizes ease of use for both users and admins, significantly reducing the incoming number of support tickets.

Compliance with data regulations

Patient data protection is heavily regulated, and failure to comply results in serious consequences, including costly sanctions.

Parallels Secure Workspace offers a secure and audited environment that helps you become compliant with regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA.