Complete your digital transformation

Parallels Secure Workspace blends legacy systems, Office 365, and Teams smoothly into one secure, unified remote workspace.

A true unified workspace

The adoption of Microsoft Office 365 and Teams is (or has been) a key part in the digital transformation for many businesses. Parallels Secure Workspace helps organizations embrace Office 365 and Teams, completing the digital transformation journey for legacy platforms.

Single sign-on

Single sign-on to your Office 365, SaaS, and legacy apps for optimal security and user experience.

Any device

Any device, anywhere access to all apps and files.


Real-time communication via Teams in the browser.

Office 365

Blend old versions of Microsoft Office with state-of-the art Office 365 where needed.

Simple architecture and setup


Parallels Secure Workspace scales easily

  • Leverage Azure AD for Single Sign-On to Office 365 apps, SaaS apps, as well as legacy apps and file servers.
  • Your legacy applications, desktops, file servers run in the data center(s) of your choice and are securely available in the browser from anywhere, on any device.
  • Make fat client versions of Office applications (new and old) available as published applications if/when desired.
  • Make Office application macros and plug-ins available.
  • Use Teams in the browser as your rich, portable, unified communications platform.
  • Use Parallels Secure Workspace as your single point of access or use a different workspace such as the Office 365 portal.