Remote Desktop Connection Manager:
What It Was and a Better Alternative

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An efficient IT systems administrator or manager should have the appropriate tools to effectively and accurately complete their tasks. They require tools that can combine various sources of data and group them for analysis or storage.

Remote desktop connection tools are the key to the puzzle and challenges of finding data in real-time, and they help to troubleshoot with quick resolution of end-user issues. Manual management of remote connections wastes time that you can channel to higher priority tasks. Thus, the remote desktop manager allows you to focus on essential things for business success.

What was Remote Desktop Connection Manager?

Most IT department administrators have used the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan) application for years. It was a perfect tool to connect remotely to other Windows computers using an RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol).

In March 2020, Microsoft discontinued its use due to a security flaw in its system. Being a standalone tool since the late 2000s, it helped in various processes, and there were not varied options available online for free.

Microsoft also ensured the tool was always up to date. The last update was in 2014 when it reached v2.7. However, with all these updates, RDCMan was not the best option since it lacked all the solutions for remote management. Microsoft rolled out various alternatives to manage these challenges over the years.

The newer tools supported more features and offered better security updates regularly. With the discontinuation of RDCMan, many administrators faced a dilemma. Still, some continue using it, posing more security risks.

The better alternative

Since most people are now working from home, remote desktop management is inevitable. Fortunately, any business enterprise can benefit significantly by using the Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) to enable all employees to work anywhere.

Parallels RAS Console is a remote desktop manager for all desktops and applications that allows users to configure and manage an enterprise IT infrastructure from a single interface. Its security is the best, since it reduces all workstations' operability by disabling local configuration openings while offering a similar level of protection as thin clients. Users have access to regular audits and can personalize reports with filters to suit their needs.

Parallels RAS Console provides a web-based portal to remotely manage other desktops, making it a better alternative to traditional desktop consoles. It provides its services with higher flexibility, and IT administrators can perform tasks on the go.

From any device connected to the system, users can carry out the following activities:

  • Manage all configurations and day-to-day tasks remotely without the need to install the Parallels RAS Console
  • Secure all Parallels RAS environments using additional multi-factor authentication
  • Monitor all users remotely
  • Manage the program's license
  • Get help or provide support resources from the management portal
  • Deploy Parallels RAS environments
  • Publish the required RDSH-based apps and desktops

Parallels continues to add more features to their desktop console for future Management Portal releases.

The remote desktop task manager also helps businesses to achieve better operations. Here are some of the top benefits:

Improved productivity

Users can save time and automate simple tasks such as adding, editing, sharing, and monitoring user sessions. The single interface offers a complete overview of all the remote connections.

Enhanced security

The Parallels RAS Console features top security practices that improve overall security for remote connections. Therefore, monitoring and reporting are essential to enhancing the security performance of an enterprise network.

Advanced auditing and reporting features

Remote users require a seamless and productive experience. This effective remote desktop manager helps to boost the user experience by centralizing information for in-depth analysis.


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