Citrix alternative: Benefit from a better virtual apps and desktops solution

  • Easily address on-premises, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud needs.
  • Embedded secure remote access, load balancing, and user session network data—at no additional cost.
  • Concurrent licensing that includes 24/7 technical support.

Parallels RAS can address your virtual apps and desktops needs  

Provide secure virtualized apps and desktops to suit your needs today, with built-in adaptability for growth and change tomorrow.

Mix and match where your core components and workloads reside, with the flexibility to modify it as you see fit.

Parallels RAS Citrix
Publish applications and/or desktops for users Yes Yes
Load balancing Built-in Additional (requires NetScaler)
Easy gateway setup and maintenance Yes No
(unless using cloud based DaaS)
Reporting storage Unlimited Limited
Single licensing model Yes No

Make your life easier with our migration tool that enables you to switch from Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops to Parallels RAS!

Download the migration tool from Github

Top reasons to switch to Parallels RAS

Reduce complexity

  • Simple to deploy, configure, and manage, helping businesses decrease IT complexity.
  • Management through a single administrative console
  • Free administrator training that can be completed in approximately three hours
  • Built in smart wizards and automation tools make complex administrative processes easy.

All-inclusive concurrent single licensing model

Single license model enables access to a full-featured set of capabilities. No need to purchase a premium license at a premium price for a single feature. 

Concurrent licensing includes a full range of enterprise-grade features:

  • Load balancing
  • On-premises, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Universal Printing
  • Remote PC
  • FIPS 140-2 encryption
  • 24/7 customer support

Azure Virtual Desktop integration

Full Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) integration that enables multi-user Windows 10 and Windows 11 workloads.

Straightforward and intuitive wizards that add and manage workloads, create personal or pooled host pools, build templates, and assign users to application groups.

FSLogix Profile Container integration

Deploy and configure FSLogix directly from the Parallels RAS Console.

User session monitoring

A complete set of built-in performance metrics, including the “UX Evaluator” metric and other session details enable administrators to understand the user experience.

Automation and autoscaling

Automation via PowerShell cmdlets and REST APIs, and easily add servers and desktops to resource pools.

Benefits for end users and IT admins

Excellent Mobile User Experience (UX)

Excellent mobile user experience (UX)

Enable access to virtual apps and desktops on ioS, Android, and ChromeOS devices. , including native mobile-device gestures.

Sample use case: Field engineer must update customer information within a Parallels RAS-hosted application.

Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring and reporting

Track, proactively plan, troubleshoot, and retain system data points that are critical for success. Explore real-time monitoring with hundreds of preconfigured reports.

Sample use case: Retain remote session activity data for security and compliance.

Universal Printing and Scanning

Universal printing and scanning

Print and scan from any device: desktop, thin client, iPad, iPhone, Android, or HTML5 browser. Universal Printing and Scanning is autoconfigured, without installing drivers on hosts or user devices.

High Availability Load Balancing

High availability load balancing (HALB)

The auto-preconfigured and out-of-the-box load balancer delivers high performance across organizations, enabling HA (high availability) gateways and servers. An additional HALB appliance is available at no extra cost for load balancing high-number infrastructures of over 2000+ users.

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