Seamless Application Delivery With 2X RAS

Application Delivery: Traditional on-premises applications are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Upgrades and customization have become costly. Custom-built add-ons and extensions complicate the upgrade process. Moreover, this model doesn’t offer predictable costs.

With companies turning to a cloud-based SaaS model, application delivery has now become easy and efficient. According to the Forrester survey, application economics are quickly changing with adoption of the cloud. Application usage and value is quickly extended by the increasing mobile technology. Additionally, embedded modeling tools offer application flexibility.

The Challenges of Application Delivery

Application Delivery Cloud-based application delivery provides several benefits to organizations. Agility, scalability, device-independence, centralized management, secure delivery and optimized costs are some of them. Along with these benefits come a few challenges. With the BYOD explosion, different types of mobile devices come into the picture. It is a challenge to provide a rich and consistent user experience across a variety of devices. Secondly, the increased use of smartphones to access corporate networks creates security challenges for IT staff. Privilege-based access must be implemented. Thirdly, high availability and scalability are important to maintain employee productivity levels. Application delivery has to balance server load effectively in order to provide good performance and high availability of applications. A comprehensive application delivery solution that can provide a centralized management system is called for. Finally, the complexity of the installation and configuration of virtualization servers is a concern.

Seamless Application Delivery with 2X RAS

2X RAS (Remote Application Server) provides a unified platform that seamlessly delivers virtual desktops and applications. Using the simple drag-n-drop tool, you can easily publish applications. 2X RAS securely provides high availability of corporate resources. Employees can access business resources from any device, anywhere, at any time. Integrated with Microsoft Active Directory, 2X RAS provides privilege-based access for secure application delivery. Moreover, employees can access applications from an HTML5 browser without requiring any software. With a strategic BYOD policy, organizations can effectively track, manage and secure company-owned and personal mobile devices.

2X RAS is easy to install and configure: it is up and running within 5 minutes. You don’t need expert knowledge or installation of additional components. Load balancing is auto- configured.

With a single virtualization tool – 2X RAS – businesses can effectively deliver virtual desktops and applications while optimizing resources.



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