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In today's modern education environment, learning goes beyond the traditional classroom setting. Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) is a solution that allows institutions to offer remote access to educational material while achieving a secure, mobile-capable campus for staff, students, and faculty.

Parallels RAS provides students and faculty with on-the-go access to learning management systems (LMS) including syllabus, coursework, and educational applications from any device.

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Parallels RAS helps educational IT by:

  1. Making educational Windows applications available on any device.
  2. Providing staff, faculty and students with secure access to office, teaching and learning digital resources both on and off campus.
  3. Equipping students with digital tools for learning and schoolwork anytime, anywhere.

Provide a Mobile-Enabled Campus

IT departments in education juggle various requirements, including meeting the on-campus and mobility needs of faculty and students with an institution's often limited resources. With Parallels RAS, IT departments can easily complement in-classroom learning by implementing remote-accessible learning programs on the end users' device of choice: iPad®, iPhone®, Google Chromebook, Raspberry Pi, Android, and more.

Educational applications on any device

Enable teachers and students to access educational resources in any format—both applications as well as desktops—from any mobile device. Access educational resources such as learning management systems (LMS), Adobe® Suite, AutoCAD®, and Office 365 on non-Windows platforms.

Mobile learning on or off campus

Faculty and students do not have to be in a classroom to teach or learn. Parallels RAS extends access to educational resources to the campus area, off-campus housing, or essentially anywhere with an Internet connection. Students and faculty have the ability to access, download, edit, and upload changes from their mobile device.

Flexible IT environment

Deliver test environments from any hypervisor or RDS, with the flexibility to return them to their original state after students complete their tests. Institutions are also able to implement bring your own device (BYOD) policies, allowing students and staff to use personal devices.

“Parallels RAS makes it simple for our IT administrators to support any device that students and teachers prefer to use, and saves us hours of setup time.”

Paul Miller
Head of IT Cambridge University’s Judge Business School

Centralize Education IT

Parallels RAS helps alleviate technical complexities from education IT, so the focus remains on improving the educational process for students and faculty. By centralizing IT with Parallels RAS, campuses will make it easier to secure, scale, and maintain virtual application and desktop delivery.

Simplify multi-campus environments

Streamline management of single- or multi-campus virtual infrastructures from one easy-to-use management console. Students and faculty will be able to access the educational resources they need to continue their learning experiences. By reducing the time and money necessary to deliver environments to one unified management console, institutions can lower their total cost of ownership (TCO).

Ensure continuous learning

Deliver setup-free educational resource availability with out-of-the-box load balancing technology. This means that virtual application and desktop delivery on student and faculty client devices will be fast and user-friendly—no matter where they're connecting from.

Virtual desktop automation

Create virtual desktops on the fly with PowerShell API, VDI templates, and streamlined testing. IT staff can create linked clones to complete updates, which makes managing a large user group faster.