Mobile Campus Opportunities with Parallels RAS and AppsAnywhere

Mobile Campus – University IT administrators can often find it challenging to deliver Windows desktop applications to the many non-Windows devices used by students on campus. Furthermore, universities commonly run many different applications, with each department requiring specific software to meet its needs. Without a centralized application repository, universities can struggle to develop a mobile campus where students can achieve remote access to desktop applications from any device, including those that run on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.

Combined as one solution, Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) and AppsAnywhere provide students and staff with instant remote mobile access to virtual applications and desktops on whichever device they need to use. Harnessing seamless Parallels RAS virtualization technology, AppsAnywhere now fully supports Chromebooks as well as PC, Mac®, Linux, iOS, Android, or any device with an HTML5 browser.

The AppsAnywhere solution has already been deployed by more than 1.5 million students at over 150 higher learning institutions in North American and Europe, including University of St Andrews (UK), University of Michigan (USA), and Durham University (UK).

mobile campus

Students who use Parallels RAS and AppsAnywhere love the flexibility of remotely accessing learning applications from wherever and whenever. They can enjoy a top-of-the-line learning experience without being tied to restrictive class hours.

For administrators, the combined solution also reduces costs by centralizing application management. This reduces IT complexity while making it easier to provide an incredible learning experience for students and staff on any device, anywhere.

Mobile Campus

Mobile Campus Benefits

With a natural affinity for mobile technology, students gravitate toward mobile campus-learning models. Mobile devices are more flexible than desktop devices, and students are very comfortable using them. Delivering desktop applications to mobile devices allows teachers to better reach students where they are most confident, whether at home or on campus.

On mobile campuses, students have the flexibility to carry their learning with them everywhere they go. Up-to-date information related to class coursework is made readily available on their mobile devices.

Universities can benefit from centrally hosting learning resources and securely publishing them to users on remote devices. Without implementation and management burden, universities can publish world-class technologies in a cost-effective manner.

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