Why is Parallels RAS the best option for RDP client MAC?

RDP client MACRight from its inception, Apple has been a major contender in the technology segment. While it poses a great challenge for Windows in the desktop OS segment, it owns a major portion of the mobile OS market share. IDC reports that Apple has shipped a record high number of devices (2.34 million MACs) in Q3 alone, as of 2014. iPad numbers are not even included in this list! According to NETMARKETSHARE, iPhone has a market share of 21.26% in the mobile OS segment while iPad’s share is 17.49%. With the increasing use of smart-phones in remote networks, businesses have to publish applications accessible to MAC clients as well. This is where RDP client MAC comes well into the picture.

RDP client MAC

There are several reasons why you would need a remote desktop program. You may want to troubleshoot a remote pc or access a file on your home or office pc. For simple tasks such as fixing the remote pc, you can use any screen sharing program. However, for business related networks, you need a good RDP client MAC program. The three important aspects to consider here are: performance, manageability of multiple systems and the price. Microsoft offers free RDP tool in Windows software. However, MAC users are not happy with this tool as it only offers basic functionality. In addition, the interface is not very intuitive when compared with other solutions such as Parallels RDP client MAC.

Parallels RDP client for MAC

Parallels RDP is a one-stop solution to deliver virtual Windows application to your MAC. For MAC users, Parallels RAS provides a reliable RDP client MAC that enables you to easily access remote resources from a MAC device. You can publish windows applications such as MS Office on your windows servers and access them from MAC clients. With a VDI infrastructure, you can directly run MS Office programs on your MAC devices. By simply hitting the CMD + Tab, you can quickly switch between Windows and MAC. It uses SSL encryption and second-level authentication for a higher level of security. It supports high definition RemoteFX protocol, which means you can enjoy rich and streaming media on your MAC clients. With sound redirection, you can play media on the client or the server. Similarly, printer redirection allows you to use any printer in the network from your RDP client MAC. Parallels RAS is an effective RD broker connection; it works with all major hypervisors such as Citrix Xen, VMWare and Hyper-V and RDS as well. Parallels RAS is one of the most comprehensive solution that caters to virtualization needs of businesses of all sizes while being cost-effective and easy-to-use.


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