2X RAS: The Most Efficient RD Connection Broker

RD connection brokerRD Connection Broker: The most significant component of cloud computing networks is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). With VDI, businesses can leverage resources, optimize revenues and manage data securely. Moreover, VDI brings mobility solutions to enterprises. When employees have the ability to access corporate resources from anywhere at any time, business productivity levels increase. At the same time, employees enjoy the luxury of working from home, which in turn reduces the attrition rate. In 2013, VDI storage technologies were improved significantly. With storage devices providing more IOPS per user, graphics and media have been deployed extensively, providing a richer experience to the end-user.

RD Connection Broker: The Challenges of VDI Networks

The storage requirements of VDI networks are different from those of server virtualization environments. In a VDI environment, the Remote Desktop (RD) Connection Broker plays an important role, as it manages traffic and balances workload effectively. This tool uses the RD Connection Database to store the deployment configuration. When it is optimized for high availability architecture, data are stored in the central SQL server to facilitate data access between multiple RD connection broker servers. As all RD connection brokers use the same SQL server database, this database can become a single point of failure. Consequently, data from the VDI console must be regularly backed up. VDI solutions such as Citrix VDI Box do not automatically back up the server configuration: you have to take a manual backup by switching off the server. Without an automatic backup server, business continuity becomes a concern.

RD Connection Broker: 2X RAS is an Easy Solution

2X Remote Application Server (2X RAS) is a complete virtual desktop and application delivery solution that caters to the remote networking needs of businesses of all sizes. While it efficiently deploys virtual machines and applications, it handles the backup tasks effectively as well. From a centralized dashboard, you can control the entire VDI network and easily back up data from the console using 2X RAS Backup Server.

Enhance RD Connection Broker with 2X Remote Application Server to benefit from the following features:

2X RAS allows you to install and configure a VDI environment quickly and easily. You don’t have to install dedicated hardware, and there is no need for complex network configuration expertise. 2X Loadbalancer routes the traffic intelligently to the right server, based on the resources available in the network. Since it checks server availability before sending a connection, terminal server redundancy is ensured. You can easily add backup servers and extra gateways to the configuration. With high availability, redundancy, resilience, automatic backups and no single point of failure, you can enjoy business continuity.

2X RAS is a comprehensive VDI solution that effectively handles your data backup needs.



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