Using Virtualization to Support Hardware Flexibility

Depending on your computer hardware strategy, your CYOD IT environment’s complexity—and the tools needed to handle it—may vary considerably. As a rule, company-owned devices come with the lowest complexity levels and the best control possible for devices and related tools. Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) is the exact opposite, creating the largest amount of complexity due to a potentially infinite variety of devices—provided that IT teams try and support every single system and endpoint device. In real life, organizations tend to address this challenge with the help of strict policies and a minimal level of system support. 

Choose-your-own-device (CYOD) has the potential to reconcile these opposing positions and help both IT teams and users. Users gain freedom of choice instead of having to accept an environment of uniform endpoint systems—without the need to provide their own devices. IT departments enjoy the benefit of retaining control over the choice of systems and devices, enabling them to keep a better general overview. In consequence, IT teams only need a small number of tools to provide employees with access, software and safety. 

Figure 1_Virtualization Reality

Virtualization frees IT departments from hardware shackles 

Apart from purely browser-based applications, virtualization provides the most universal way to implement applications independently from devices and systems. This technology disconnects the application level from the client device’s system level. Parallels Desktop™ for Mac Business Edition provides IT departments with the means to make Mac® clients available to all employees within otherwise pure Windows environments. This is an ideal solution in scenarios where all applications and software utilities revolve around Windows but alternatives need to be available.  

Today, more and more companies operate Mac computers within their Windows environments. Many business units wish to use Mac desktops or MacBook® laptops for diverse reasons—be a habit, the ability to use special software or just their “cooler,” more prestigious appearance. Parallels Desktop Business Edition enables IT departments to offer Mac systems as endpoint devices while maintaining full productivity in conjunction with pure Windows software solutions. 

Learn more about all the features in Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition and test them for 14 days for free!

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