Why CYOD Is Gaining Relevance in Large Enterprises

IT professionals are well aware of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) as an alternative to corporate devices. BYOD policies can benefit an enterprise because employees enjoy freedom of choice for their work instruments. However, it’s nearly impossible to implement BYOD as a primary IT strategy in large enterprises. IT teams need to define policies and struggle to get employees to adhere to them. Additionally, they must offer support for virtually everything and can still never guarantee support for each and every device, however hard they may try. Compatibility and safety standards are very hard to establish under such circumstances. Because of this, BYOD can only be a tolerated as a secondary device policy in larger organizations. 

IT’s future is hardware agnostic 

This will change with choose-your-own-device (CYOD), which is not just a variant of BYOD but rather a more strategic hardware-policy concept. CYOD shares certain common criteria with BYOD but can have a radically different appearance in real life. CYOD combines many advantages of BYOD with those of corporate devices. With CYOD, the devices are owned by the company and the IT department lets users choose their preference—but restricts this choice to a select number of supported devices. This leaves employees with some freedom of choice while ensuring a certain amount of order. IT teams can prepare for and support a fixed selection of different devices instead of being inundated by all kinds of BYOD devices. 

CYOD can also be BYOD 

At times, CYOD can even tolerate devices being owned by employees; they may be used as long as they’re included on the list of supported hardware. Ownership is not the discriminating factor in this case. The issue is for the IT department to be able to provide for applications, support and policies in a way that’s system and hardware independent. Platform independent application provision forms a critical piece of this puzzle, helping organizations place their client computers into the hands of their employees without regard for hardware or platform. Parallels Desktop™ for Mac Business Edition and Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) are tools that enable this and grant employees freedom of device choice. 

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