How CYOD Can Improve Employee Productivity

One of the great benefits of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies for organizations is the fact that they can save on the cost of device procurement. On the other hand, this advantage is offset by the fact that IT teams need to support a great number of diverse mobile endpoint devices and ensure their safety by means of strict provisions. This tends to impact BYOD users’ productivity—for example, users might only be granted limited access to internal systems and services. It’s hardly reasonable to award users a free choice of mobile devices and then “penalize” them with restricted access rights. 

After all, a gain in productivity is cited as the second main argument in favor of BYOD; users are empowered to work with devices that they are familiar and most comfortable with. This can unburden the helpdesk because more basic user queries are eliminated, and users are more satisfied across the board. Two issues remain, however: software support and more complex network safeguards.  

This is exactly why choose-your-own-device (CYOD) has so much potential for businesses. It forms an intermediate solution; employees can choose their preferred devices, but the IT department retains the right to define which devices it will support. 

At the same time, it stands to reason that IT teams need tools that enable users to be productive regardless of platforms. Virtualization has the potential to play an important role in this. Virtual machines (VMs) enable employees to use necessary applications and solutions—even if they’re working with a different system platform.  

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