Introducing the newest Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition

The brand-new Parallels® Desktop 17 doesn’t disappoint. In fact, with myriad point solutions available today, Parallels continues to excel in the virtualization space and provides business users with a fast, easy and powerful application for running Windows on a Mac—all without a pesky reboot! It’s downright simple to get up and running in minutes, toggle between Mac and Windows applications with ease, and enjoy incredible performance that supports Windows applications without compromise.   

This latest release is packed with power and delivers a whole host of new features re-engineered to support the new Intel-based and Apple M1 Mac computers. From transparent licensing with mass activation key and multiple deployment options to fit organizations of every size and style, to a command line interface for advanced administration, users will find everything they need to take their productivity to the next level. Plus, 24/7 premium support is included with purchase, along with 30+ tools to simplify everyday tasks. It’s truly no wonder users worldwide trust Parallels and have for more than 15 years. 
Sure to elevate your Windows experience on either an Intel-based or Apple M1 Mac, we’d like to highlight some of the more prominent features that are turning the heads of critics and consumers alike. Read on! 

Optimized for new Mac Computers  
Parallels Desktop has been rebuilt and optimized to run natively on Apple M1 and Intel based Mac devices, improving speed and performance. Areas of improvement include: 

After all, customers need their software to integrate with and support new hardware advancements and technologies. And, we’ve got you covered. 

Engineered for macOS Monterey 
Designed for the latest macOS release and engineered to support new features, functionality, and deliver exceptional performance. You don’t have to migrate to Monterey but if you do, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that we’ve thought of everything. 

New display driver for Windows 
An improved display driver in Parallels Desktop 17 delivers a smoother Windows UI responsiveness and synchronized video playback. In addition to performance improvements, the new driver boosts frame rate in many Windows games for a greater gaming experience and provides better synchronization with the Mac display. 

Built-in Resource Manager  
Parallels Desktop 17 evaluates your hardware and automatically allocates the optimal number of resources for your virtual machine so that you get the best performance and experience possible. 

For new users, this feature makes it far simpler to discern how to adjust settings to best allocate resources and get the strongest performance from their virtual machine. Pro users often like to adjust VM configuration settings to obtain the optimal performance, but it can be tricky to navigate these settings – even for those savvy to technological nuances. And for IT admin users on the hook for deploying VMs to many different Mac computers across the organization, this is a far easier way to optimize a fleet instead of having to identify issues, one by one. 

Seamless Experience in Coherence™ Mode 
Smooth end-to end user experience with fewer distracting changes in appearance during Windows sign in, shut down, and software updates. We guarantee a stop to unexpected interruptions and frustrating distractions. Shut-downs, updates & sign-ins are now windowed, enabling the user to minimize them and stay focused and productive. 

Content Share Between Apps and OSs  
Drag and drop text or graphics between Mac and Windows applications, seamlessly. And, on macOS Monterey, drag and drop any content from Windows apps to Quick Note as easily as from macOS apps. This saves a great deal of time and streamlines workflows, sparing countless minutes throughout the span of a day. 

Simple Windows Provision on a Multi-Architecture Mac Fleet 
Parallels Desktop 17 now delivers one configuration profile to provision Windows images for both M1 and Intel-based Mac computers. 

Before this release, to provision Windows 10 using a link in Parallels My Account, IT admin had to create two configuration profiles and two sublicense keys and use them separately for Intel and Apple M1 Mac computers. This is a serious management burden! But with this new feature, business admins can use a single profile for all users and Parallels Desktop will automatically decide which Windows image to download based on the Mac chip type. 

Universal Binary for Intel and M1 
When deploying Parallels Desktop to Mac computers using Mac Management tools or Self-service portal, it is necessary to use a Parallels Desktop image that works for Mac. In Parallels Desktop 16, images are different for Intel and M1 Mac computers, and admins had to deploy Parallels Desktop to each Mac group separately.  

Now admins can deploy Parallels Desktop to all Mac computers without dividing them by the architecture type and delivering separate deployment packages for each. 

And, there’s so much more to discover…. 

Parallels® Desktop Business Edition is the leading virtualization solution for professionals, teams and businesses to run Windows on an Intel-based or Apple M1 Mac. Learn more about our new Parallels Desktop user features. Or download a free 14-day trial to try it for yourself. 

With near native performance, lightning speed and incredible efficiency, you’ll find yourself wondering if you’ll ever need to purchase a PC again.