How to Simplify the Publishing Mobile Apps with Parallels Desktop Business Edition

Publishing mobile apps in one of the large app stores such as Google, Apple and Microsoft is a complex process. Parallels® Desktop for Mac Business Edition is an easy to use and fully customizable platform that simplifies mobile apps publishing.  

Why Publishing Mobile Apps is Challenging 

Publishing mobile apps is an important process. It’s a fundamental component of the successful release of mobile apps to your audience. If you’re just installing the app on a smartphone or tablet, the process is simple. All you need is to create an email account with the platform, sign in, and install the app.  

But the process isn’t simple when publishing in large app stores like Microsoft, Android, iOS or internal enterprise app stores. According to Apple, 62% of mobile apps submitted are rejected because of non-compliance with strict guidelines. For example, to publish an app on the Apple App Store, you need to adhere to the following guidelines: 

The aforementioned guidelines may be challenging for most developers. For example, if you’re specifying the app metadata, you need to indicate extra information about your app such as the name of the app, its version number, users’ description, screenshots and release notes.  

Besides the metadata, you need to provide a correctly signed binary file. Since the precise metadata depends on the solution you’ve used, you may find that such data is large, making it complex to publish the app.   

Why Publishing Mobile Apps Should Be Simplified 

From an IT perspective, publishing mobile apps needs to take an automated approach. Collecting the apps’ metadata and manually entering them into the store is tedious and slow.   

You need an automated front-end that collects the app files and metadata, checks them for accuracy and functionality, and publishes them at the touch of a button. Virtualization software is the ideal solution for automating such processes because it eliminates the need for buying expensive hardware.  

Such software should not only be fast but should also provide simple cloning for development instances. With virtualization software, you can automate all the aspects of building large, resource-hungry mobile apps for your organization.  

However, not all virtualization software may fit your specific needs. If you’re looking for a solution that achieves the same functionality with minimal costs, less complexity and maximum ease-of-use, then you should consider Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition.  

Parallels Desktop Business Edition is the simplest, most secure and most effective way to provide Windows apps to users with Mac computers. 

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