How Parallels RAS Improved 2X Software To Create A Brilliant Mobile Experience

2X Software2X Software’s transition to Parallels RAS

2X Software – face was the award-winning 2X Remote Application Server (2X RAS). This solution provided platform-independent virtual desktop and application delivery from a single, easy-to-manage software interface.

After purchasing 2X Software, Parallels renamed the solution as Parallels Remote Application Server (Parallels RAS). By bringing on the engineers and employees from 2X Software, Parallels was able to continue expanding the solution through a constant process of updates and improvements.

Guiding principles for improvement: mobile-enabled, cloud-ready solution

Since Parallels acquired the solution, the original team of engineers and employees built out a roadmap to build upon 2X’s streamlined application delivery solution. The idea was to create ever-increasing simplicity for the user and the administrators, and create the most accessible, user-friendly VDI solution available, while maintaining full flexibility in a mobile-enabled, cloud-ready business environment.

Mobile accessibility has always taken center stage for the Parallels RAS team. The vision was that Parallels RAS users would be able to access desktop applications as if they were native applications on iOS and Android devices, including all the leading brands of smartphones and tablets. Employees can use the native touch gestures from their mobile devices— such as wipe, drag, tap to click or zoom—to interact with any remote Windows application in the most  streamlined way possible.

Furthermore, Parallels RAS is a comprehensive application delivery solution that offers companies a means to build Desktop as a Service (DaaS), Workspace as a Service (WaaS) and Software as a Service (Saas) solutions over the cloud. Parallels RAS works over the Microsoft RDP protocol, which has been optimized for their cloud service Azure. With cloud-based IT networks, organizations can benefit from: faster deployments; simpler, usage-based pricing; less on-site support needs; among other benefits. In addition, Parallels RAS creates the a cloud-ready, mobile-friendly environment that allows companies and organizations to easily implement “bring your own device” (BYOD) or “choose your own device” (CYOD) policies to improve productivity.

Parallels RAS continues to attract attention among IT industry leader as a leading virtual application delivery solution for medium-sized businesses and above. In addition to adding on many new clients across the globe, the award-winning Parallels RAS was honored in the Best Hosted Solution category at the Govies Government Security Awards for the past two years. Most recently in 2016, Parallels received this prestigious Platinum Award for Network Security at the ISC West Expo, the largest security tradeshow in the United States.

The latest updates in Parallels RAS v15.5

With Parallels RAS v15.5, the cross-platform leader further streamlined its desktop and application delivery solution through updates such as improved scalability, more versatile performance, and tighter cloud-deployment integrations. Parallels also managed to improve upon its mobile performance — including the top robust, mobile-friendly features found in any remote application delivery solution in the industry.

“New innovations in simplicity and personalization make Parallels RAS v15.5 an easy and cost-effective solution for securely delivering virtual desktops and applications to any device,” said Parallels President Jack Zubarev. “Parallels is committed to helping organizations and their employees be more productive in the simplest way possible.”

Parallels RAS v15.5 Key Features:

Goals for the future

Parallels will continue to expand its application delivery solution in terms of scalability and performance. The Parallels team looks forward to enhance its solution for large deployments, making further improvements to the end-user experience across all devices, and building an even more complete integration with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Parallels RAS has come a long way and made incredible enhancements since the acquisition of 2X Software in 2015. With the support of its creative team of engineers and growing base of customers, the future looks bright for Parallels RAS as it continues to lead the way in the field of virtualization and application delivery solutions.

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