Advantages of Cloud Computing

Advantages of Cloud Computing

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Today, businesses face a tough challenge of meeting growing demands with limited resources. To overcome these challenges, business owners are looking at cloud based services. Cloud computing has something to offer every business. Right from application delivery to mobility solutions, cloud computing offers an intuitive methodology to leverage resources and improve business performance. In simpler words, cloud computing is a methodology that offers network services over the Internet. However, the hype created around cloud computing technology makes it difficult for business owners to choose the right cloud solution for a specific business need.

The benefits of cloud based services are enormous. First of all, cloud based networks offer highly scalable data solutions to your business needs. With increased agility in business processes, your revenues increase while infrastructure costs are reduced. Moreover, globalizing your network infrastructure makes your business processes location independent. With streamlined processes, increased accessibility and improved flexibility, resources are leveraged to optimal levels.

Virtual desktops

Often, businesses fall short of providing resources to meet growing business needs. With shrinking IT budgets, companies are forced to optimize every resource within their infrastructure, and virtual desktops are the ultimate answer. Virtual desktops and applications scale up your resources in a dynamic way. With RDP and application delivery, companies get the flexibility to create an optimized IT infrastructure that enables employees to be connected to work processes all the time for an increased service level.

Mobility solutions

The increasing sales of smart phones speak volumes about the importance of mobility solutions. In addition, BYOD has become a common phenomenon in every office. Cloud based mobility solutions enables you to take your business into the audience in an effective way. While choosing an application server, check whether it supports major mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc.

Increase your revenues with cloud computing web portals

With cloud computing technology, building revenue generating web portals is a cakewalk. By creating cloud based web portals, your employees get the flexibility to access data from anywhere. In addition, ecommerce businesses can quickly build web stores with unlimited product uploads, customized shopping carts and secure processing systems to leverage resources for improved business performance.

Virtualization at its best

The true power of cloud computing can be unleashed with the virtualization of IT solutions. A hypervisor like VMWare, Citrix Zen or Microsoft enables you to build robust networking solutions that deliver highly scalable data solutions at affordable prices. By using a powerful and intuitive application server, you can deliver virtual desktops or applications that are hosted on a hypervisor to squeeze maximum returns on investments. In addition, you can manage VDI core capabilities like pooling, image management, storage optimization or broker integration to perfection. Now, you can move employees across different locations without infrastructure hassles. Application servers that support latest remote desktop protocol like Microsoft RemoteFX multimedia protocol offers highly innovative and magnificent rich interface that can offer a high user experience.

Optimized resources equals reduced costs

Virtual desktops offer the flexibility to leverage available resources to optimal levels. By doing so, you can optimize office space to the fullest. With the integration of cutting edge technologies into business processes, there is a greater level of agility incorporated into business processes. In addition, a higher level of security is maintained. While your business performance is taken to the next level, optimized resources reduce your operational costs.

Who to turn to?

While Citrix is commonly used to deliver virtual desktops and applications, not every business can afford to spend huge amounts on virtualization concepts, not to mention the complexity of implementation. On the other hand, 2X Software provides virtual desktop and application delivery, remote access and corporate mobility. Thousands of enterprises worldwide trust in the reliability and scalability of 2X products. The company’s product line includes the award winning 2X Remote Application Server providing platform independent virtual desktop, application delivery and integrated thin client management from a single software package. 2X Remote Application Server is the best Citrix alternative. With a huge partner network and several years of proven track record, 2X Remote Application Server offers intuitive virtual desktops to deliver highly scalable solutions for your business needs.