Connection Broker Intro

Connection Broker Intro

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With virtualization and cloud computing technologies ruling the IT industry, more and more businesses are moving towards a VDI environment in recent times. Improved scalability, agility, consistent performance and BYOD environments are some of the reasons for this changing trend. In a VDI environment, a connection broker is a vital aspect that takes up 40% of the complexity and functionality of virtual networks. By effectively configuring the connection broker, businesses can optimize cloud computing networks and greatly improve business agility.

What is a Connection Broker?

A connection broker is a resource manager that facilitates connections between virtual devices, databases and other computing resources. It is a vital entity that decides what and how each resource can access data pieces. In simpler words, it provides database and remote desktop access to the end user. In addition, Connection Brokers handle session status, timeouts and other virtual machine assignments.

How does it work?

The connection broker is normally vendor-independent and supports different virtualization platforms. For instance, 2X Software offers a powerful connection broker that runs on multiple hosts. In fact, 2X Remote Application Server is one of the few virtualization solutions that supports major hypervisors such as Citrix, VMWare, Microsoft HyperV or Sun VirtualBox. Access control rules are established by this connection broker so that end users can access resources based on their privileges. The connection broker authenticates and maps users to access controls using directory services of the server OS. In simpler words, the end user logs in to the network using the connection broker and it assigns a virtual desktop to that user.

Tasks performed by the Connection Broker

Benefits of a Connection Broker

As connection brokers are vital to application delivery in a cloud computing network, businesses should use an effective solution such as 2X Remote Application Server which provides efficiency to business processes. Below are a few benefits of a connection broker.

Optimization of Resources

In a VDI environment, a properly configured connection broker offers highest utilization of resources. Unlike a traditional network setup, wherein each user is assigned a physical machine, the virtual appliance dynamically allocates resources during login times. You only need to provide virtual machines for active users. As users log out, these virtual machines are reassigned to other users. By optimizing available resources, businesses can save on operational costs.

Centralized Management

One of the concerns of IT people in a VDI environment is the complexity of cloud computing functions. By using a connection broker, you can centralize desktop management. You can also integrate heterogeneous networks and still manage them from a single dashboard. End users are not bothered with back-end functions as they access their desktop from any location. Likewise, businesses can effectively manage clients as well as end users.

Scalability, High Availability and Data Reliability

2X Remote Application Server offers seamless application delivery to virtual desktops. The connection broker scales-up to meet growing user demands and provides optimized resources. Service levels are met and business performance is improved. In addition, businesses can create a cluster of connection brokers to provide highly scalable virtual solutions to end users. Likewise, data is automatically backed up and restored during crashes.

BYOD Solutions

The increased use of smart phones popularized the BYOD concept in most organizations. In a VDI environment, connection brokers provide access to these users, irrespective of their location. User credentials are validated and users are redirected to their local desktop environment.

2X Remote Application Server offers a powerful VDI solution for seamless virtual desktop and application delivery. Backed by several years of expertise, 2X Software takes pride in delivering a world class virtualization platform that supports all major hypervisors. Download 2X Remote Application Server and enjoy the benefits today!