Connection Broker & Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Connection Broker & Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

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A virtual desktop infrastructure offers a powerful way to centrally host desktop environments and manage them securely and efficiently, through a connection broker. In addition, the VDI environment addresses major challenges faced by the IT sector by optimizing available resources, centralizing process management, securing networks, improving scalability and agility in business processes, while reducing costs on operations and maintenance. As discussed in the earlier post, the connection broker is the heart of virtualization networks. Below we will discuss certain instances on how the connection broker works within a virtualized desktop environment.

Instance 1 – Integrating business processes across multiple locations

Consider an instance wherein a large enterprise has multiple offices spanning across various countries. Instead of managing different business processes, the company can implement cloud computing technologies to create a virtual desktop infrastructure. When a user logs in from a distant location, the connection broker uses RDP protocol to authenticate login details and provides access to required applications. This is how you get extra security to business processes while reducing operational costs.

Instance 2 – Integrating multiple desktop environments

Consider another instance wherein a large enterprise develops multiple projects. Programmers and Developers need to work on different platforms and desktop environments while designing, developing and testing the application. Instead of operating multiple platforms, the organization can install software at a central location and provide access to users according to the requirement. The connection broker facilitates the VDI environment to provide application delivery based on privileges set.

Instance 3 – Optimizing resources

Consider a large enterprise that has thousands of employees in a single location. It is an expensive task to provide a computer to each user. Instead, the enterprise can use desktop virtualization for an efficient application delivery and desktop virtualization. When a user logs in, the connection broker checks for available virtual desktops and creates sessions. As soon as the session is terminated, the virtual desktop is made available to other users. As the connection broker efficiently handles sessions, you can scale up resources during peak hours while saving money on infrastructure expenses.

Instance 4 – Augmenting BYOD environments

Another increasing trend in the IT circle is BYOD. With the usage of smart phones rising every day, companies find it beneficial to allow BYOD environments in corporate networks. While a BYOD environment offers mobility to business processes, employees are not tied down to a location. For instance, natural disasters can hamper work processes of an organization. During a natural disaster, employees can use their own devices to login to corporate networks. The connection broker checks the authentication details of the users and delivers the desktop environment of the user to his device. While service levels are met, network security is not compromised.

Instance 5 – Mobility solutions

The primary benefit of a cloud environment is mobility. It allows employees to work from any location. Consider an instance wherein a sales representative is promoting a product to a customer. If the customer is convinced to make a purchase, the sales rep has to call back to the office to get the exact price quote and close the deal. Instead, the VDI environment allows the sales rep to access their desktop environment, invoice the right price and close the deal. A connection broker is the virtual device that provides access to the desktop in this case.

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