What We Learned from Our Customer Feedback for Parallels RAS v16

How Parallels RAS v16 grew through customer feedback

Customer feedback – Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) v16, released earlier this quarter, provided meaningful innovations driven by listening to the feedback given by the community and customers.

Developed with what Parallels president Jack Zubarev called a “90% customer feedback based” process, Parallels RAS v16 continues to offer cost-effective ease of use—and now, its improvements better address the market’s needs.

In particular, suggestions and feedback resulted in three key features: enhanced security, application containerization, and support for new hypervisors, such as Nutanix Acropolis.

What follows is a breakdown of these features, describing what inspired the change and how Parallels RAS v16 successfully met the market’s demands to offer meaningful value to its users.

Enhanced security

As concerns about data confidentiality have increased over the past few years, we received a growing number of requests from organizations for additional means of securing data.

For instance, with the increasing popularity of mobile devices among doctors and nurses, there is a growing risk that device loss could contribute to patient-data loss.

It was important for us to reinforce the Parallels Client Policy to reduce the risk of data loss. We empowered IT administrators to manage, control, and restrict the settings options available to the users also on mobile device. Such as, organizations can disable the printing, clipboard or network setting options limiting unauthorized data access. Learn More.

Moreover, we further secured the access to apps, desktops, and data on iOS and Android by enabling the use of Touch ID® and passcodes.

Publishing of Turbo.net containerized applications

Container technologies are still a relatively small part of the overall cloud and application portability market, but this is changing rapidly. Containers are the fast-growing class of tools, growing at an annual clip of 40%. Looking at this trend, we wanted to provide our customers with an easy access to the containerization technology.

By integrating Turbo.net technology, Parallels RAS allows IT administrators to package applications and their dependencies into an isolated virtual environment called a “container.” Containerized applications can be run on any OS.

Moreover, Parallels RAS v16 using Turbo.net provisioning reduces IT staff’s manual tasks by automatically installing and configuring Turbo.net runtime and the applications on the RDSH servers as soon as a user requests access to a published application.

With applications containerized and provisioned through Turbo.net, delivered resources are more stable to all devices. This means that devices can run delivered legacy applications as if they were natively designed for their device with no glitches, errors, or problems.

Nutanix Acropolis hypervisor support

Hyper-converged infrastructure has quickly become one of the hottest trends in IT today. There are dozens of companies, from start-ups to established enterprise, touting systems that integrate compute, storage, server, virtualization resources, networking and other software components. Hyper-converged systems make up a fast-growing part of the overall converged infrastructure market.

In order to allow your customers to embrace this trend, Parallels RAS v16 was designed with Hyper-converged in mind. It is certified to work on Nutanix Acropolis, Kernel-based Virtual Machine(KVM), HPE HC 380 and HPE HC 250 systems.

When a Hyper-converged infrastructure is combined with low-cost and an all-in-one Parallels RAS solution, the TCO is reduced. We offer a single package that manages the entire infrastructure with ease and minimal downtime.


Parallels RAS v16 is a software that offers customers value in meaningful ways. For the same low price point as always, the technology is easier to use, more efficient, and more targeted to suit the needs of the channel, IT administrators, and end users.

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