Meet the Parallels RAS team and discover how to fix your data security issues (affordably)

Come see us at Cybersec Europe. Explore how you can maximize secure remote access of your corporate data with Parallels RAS.

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, “The global annual cost of cybercrime is predicted to reach $8 trillion USD in 2023”. From that statistic alone, it’s clear that securing data is critical for any organization — and the need extends far beyond the adoption of anti-virus solutions and a firewall.

But how can IT administrators provide secure access to corporate data and applications with minimal cost and effort? In other words, how can you provide your team with the secure remote access they need — without the complexity?

We have the answers you’re seeking.

Come find us at Cybersec in Brussels on April 19-20. We’ll be at booth A-013 showcasing our solutions that tackle these business challenges and more.

Meet the teams behind:

Parallels Awingu; a unified workspace that displays applications, desktops, and files to end users in a browser-based workspace. No need for VPN!

Parallels RAS; an application delivery and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution that hosts applications and desktops on a central server(s).

Here’s a sneak peek at how your IT admins can provide seamless and secure access using our solutions:

Swing by our booth to explore how to achieve maximum efficiency and system protection—without ballooning your budget.

In the meantime, check out Port of Antwerp’s story to see why they chose Parallels Awingu to enhance their security. It involves integrating external IDP integrating, allowing them to take full advantage of the built-in SSO capabilities.

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