Fleetcorp Turkey benefits from stability and ease of use of Parallels Remote Application Server

“After switching to Parallels RAS, the product has matured. RAS is easy to use and end users experienced stable performance. Universal printing works flawlessly.”

Muthu Valamarthi
Enterprise Architect
FleetCorp Turkey

FleetCorp chose Parallels Remote Application Server to seamlessly deliver applications to remote users. Parallels Remote Application Server provided an easy and stable user experience that improved the efficiency of the network.

FleetCorp Turkey

FleetCorp Turkey is a leading company in the operational leasing market. The company was founded in 1996 and operates more than 20,000 vehicles of all brands and models. It is 100% owned by The International Investor (TII). Partnerships with Fleet Synergy International (FSI) and International Automotive Research (IAR) turned FleetCorp Turkey into the largest leasing firm in Turkey. Superior service quality, strong structure, and pioneering applications are the three important strengths that made FleetCorp a leader in the operational leasing market. The company provides operational leasing services to local and international clients in every sector.

The Challenge

FleetCorp’s core business is fleet rental services for corporate customers. The company uses the Fleet Management System, which was developed by Key Resources in the UK. When the product was initially deployed, the price was attractive. One server was installed in Bahrain; the back office and the sales team use this solution. The IT aspect is handled by Procco. At any given time, there are 75 concurrent users. The company was publishing personalized applications such as Fleet Management System in addition to regular applications. It had previously used a Microsoft remote desktop instance of Windows Server 2003 with XenServer but found it was not user-friendly.

The Solution

FleetCorp chose Parallels Remote Application Server to seamlessly deliver full desktops to remote users. There are a total of 100 users, 75 of which are concurrent. The company publishes general applications as well as the personalized Fleet Management System application. There was no VDI. Windows Remote Desktop Services (RDS) was used. Application publishing was the main feature of Parallels Remote Application Server that was mostly used.

Key Benefits

FleetCorp realized an immediate benefit with the simplified IT management. End users can simply launch the Parallels Remote Application Server client and navigate through the options easily. The centralized dashboard allowed novice users to easily manage the environment, and the product was easy to deploy and use.

By using Parallels Remote Application Server, FleetCorp was able to deliver a stable and reliable virtualization platform for end users. The product has matured without any errors or issues. Be it applications or full desktops, Parallels Remote Application provided an easy way to seamlessly deliver company resources to any device at any time.

Another important benefit with Parallels Remote Application Server is universal printing. With remote networks, configuring the local printer is a tough task. However, Parallels Remote Application Server makes it easy to configure and print from local printers as well as use other local resources. Universal printing redirection works flawlessly.

About FleetCorp Turkey

FleetCorp Turkey is one of the largest leasing firms in Turkey. Founded in 1996, the company initially offered operational leasing services. Working with TII, FleetCorp was able to raise its operations to international standards. Partnerships with international fleet services companies have taken the company to the next level. Fleet Synergy International (FSI) operates a fleet of 680,000 vehicles in 18 countries, while International Automotive Research (IAR) handles a fleet of 1.5 million vehicles. With this joint venture, FleetCorp Turkey serves international customers of both organizations in Turkey. FleetCorp Turkey handles all of the responsibilities associated with the vehicles, including repairs, maintenance, tax, insurance, and the fleet management process. To learn more about FleetCorp Turkey, visit http://www.fleetcorp.com.tr.

About Parallels

Parallels is a leading provider of cross-platform solutions. The company was founded in 1999 and began operations in 2000. The company quickly evolved into a global leader in cross-platform solutions, with offices in 15 countries including the US, UK, Germany, France, Japan, China, and Ukraine. The head office is located in Bellevue, Washington, and there are more than 1,000 employees worldwide. Parallels makes it easy for users to access resources from any device, any platform, anytime and from anywhere.

Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) is a powerful virtualization product from Parallels. It was originally developed by 2X Software. After acquiring 2X Software in 2015, Remote Application Server joined the Parallels product portfolio. Parallels RAS is a comprehensive virtualization software that seamlessly delivers applications and virtual desktops to any device, anytime and from anywhere. It is easy to install and use. The product comes with all major virtualization features packed into a single package. Features such as printing redirection and load balancing come auto-configured by default. Most importantly, Parallels RAS is cost-effective. To learn more about Parallels RAS, visit parallels.com.