Henley High School unlocks new capabilities with Parallels RAS

By Ary Collet Jr, Parallels Channel Manager, ANZ and Southeast Asia

As technology evolves, schools have been able to enrich and elevate the learning and teaching experience in various ways. A school’s ICT framework plays a key role in this – from fostering higher levels of student engagement to increase the work efficiency and flexibility of teaching staff.


Henley High School recognized this and was looking to update its ICT framework to give students and staff remote access to apps and data storage. Located in South Australia, Henley High School caters to over 1,400 students, including 75 students and 25 with special needs.


The school’s aim was to provide a virtual application publishing solution for up to 25 concurrent users at any given time. They looked to make these features available on any mobile device. Being able to access documents and files remotely would help teachers by allowing them to prepare their lessons from any location. To achieve this goal, the IT team needed to find a virtualization solution that would provide flexible mobile-ready virtual learning workspaces, making it easier to secure, scale and maintain.


The IT department at Henley High School was looking for a cost-efficient solution that would not require too much time to train staff, given their already busy schedule. In the face of such challenges, Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) was the perfect solution.


When Parallels RAS was implemented in Henley High School, immediate benefits were recognized. Not only was the solution incredibly easy to set up and run, but IT staff spent minimal time in helping teachers configure certain programs on their devices. As a result, the staff was able to access documents and programs from anywhere and at any time. The implementation of Parallels RAS has enabled offsite technical support to securely access onsite resources. This resulted in quicker remote support.


Parallels RAS also provided the benefits of a simple and effective bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy, allowing integration of personal devices without the IT department needs to provide and maintain them. The school’s staff was widely impressed by the great mobile experience provided for phones and tablets. The increased productivity and ease of use provided by Parallels RAS helps teachers to work more efficiently and allows schools to focus on their goals of providing excellent learning experiences to a diverse range of students.


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