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HP Moonshot: Comparing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to hosted desktop infrastructure (HDI) is a tough one. On one hand, there are dedicated virtual machines (VMs) hosted on servers—and on the other hand, there is dedicated hardware hosted on servers, both shared via a broker connection to users. So, the difference may be blurred. However, organizations may decide to deploy HDI because some applications and users require significant power; VDI cannot always guarantee the high performance required.   

What Is a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

VDI is the process of running a user’s desktop inside a virtual machine that lives on a server in the datacenter. VDI enables secure and simplified access to a virtual desktop anytime and from any device. Read more. (What’s VDI 2017)

What Is a Hosted Desktop Infrastructures (HDI)?  

HDI assigns dedicated hardware to each user but hosts that hardware in the datacenter. Workstations, virtual workstations, and blades are just some of the ways you can build HDI and use a broker connection to manage them all. Using HDI, IT administrators can provide the high computing power that users need while reinforcing data security. In some cases, organizations choose HDI even though the applications and users require less power because employees still desire the performance and persistence of dedicated hardware. 

Benefits of HP Moonshot

HP Moonshot is a suitable alternative to desktop computing, and has the following benefits to offer:

Single Tenant Architecture

Each trader of HPE Moonshot has dedicated computing horsepower since it runs a dedicated HPE ProLiant m710x cartridge. Because of this, you can easily centralize the CPUs to the datacenter. This type of single-tenant architecture eliminates the drawbacks of desktop hardware.

High Return on Investment (ROI)

The individual cartridges of HPE Moonshot might sound expensive, but they have lower initial costs and reduced operating expenses as there is no need to maintain desktop computers. Hence, the return on investment for HP Moonshot is high.

Reduced Downtime

A datacenter trader can reduce downtime by replicating data from an older cartridge that goes down, to a newer cartridge fast, and with ease. This is another added benefit over desktop workstations where restoration is difficult and time-consuming.

Improved Security

HP Moonshot also reduces the chances of a security breach by centralizing desktop computing and data storage resources in the data center. With it, employees working on the floor cannot access physical disks, machines, or USB ports, eliminating the chances of potential insider breaches.

Easier Maintenance

Since storage is centralized, and since machines are located physically in the data center, maintenance is easier in HP Moonshot. Tasks like patching are streamlined since there is a gold copy that all machines access and use.

Simpler Backup

With HP Moonshot, you do not need to backup data from a separate desktop and compete with other applications for using the CPU and the network bandwidth. Since data storage is centralized, backups can run continuously, making it possible to achieve a near-zero recovery point objective (RPO).

Better Disaster Recovery

You can easily set up a dedicated workstation environment at a remote datacenter thus eliminating the need to manage a dedicated floor space. In case of disaster, operators can easily monitor the situation from any place at any time using a laptop or a thin client.

HP Moonshot – High-Performance Workstations 

When applications and users require significant power, the administrator can opt for HDI to deliver high-power workstations, such as those available from HP Moonshot.  

Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) allows businesses to securely pair remote workstations with employees. This ensures that users get a traditional desktop performance for the applications they require. Read more. (HDI Page) 

Parallels RAS provides remote PCs access to any device, anywhere. Typical remote access solutions are designed for individuals, not enterprises, making them difficult to configure and manage in a corporate environment. Parallels RAS is designed to manage user-to-desktop assignments and connections in a large-scale enterprise environment. 

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