Zorg & ICT Recap from the Parallels RAS team

Parallels® RAS simplifies and streamlines medical IT and this is how.

You know that securing your healthcare organization’s sensitive data is critical for GDPR compliance, but are you fully in tune with how IT departments can provide secure access to key healthcare applications, like EPIC, with minimal work effort involved?

The Parallels RAS team at Zorg & ICT

At Zorg & ICT 2023, the Parallels RAS team showcased our VDI solution which simplifies medical IT with a centralized and secure approach to managing software and data.  Just a few of the benefits that Parallels RAS offers include:

Choose to make your medical IT simpler.

Team Parallels at Zorg & ICT

Enable mobile work for healthcare workers, offer simple connections for outside providers, and guarantee continuous application and desktop access throughout healthcare facilities.   

Zorg & ICT session recap: 

Freek Berson, Principal Product Manager, delved into how healthcare professionals can provide optimal care easily and efficiently by accessing applications and data at any time and from any device.

In this session we explained how virtual desktops and applications from on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud come together in one intuitive console or single pane of glass for administrators and one intuitive interface for healthcare professionals.

Explore how Parallels RAS can simplify your medical IT with a centralized and secure approach to managing software and data.

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In the meantime, learn how Parallels RAS was a catalyst in eliminating costly external IT services for another healthcare organization.

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