Parallels Joins Lenovo to Offer a More Streamlined VDI Solution

lenovoLenovo – For the past 15 years, large companies using virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) technology have opened up a new frontier in remote connectivity for their employees by deploying virtual machines (VMs) in the workplace.

However, the infrastructure, hardware costs, and technical capacity associated with VDI solutions can be prohibitive to more modest business ventures outside the realm of Silicon Valley and Fortune 500.

Recognizing the need to address this issue, Parallels offers a streamlined, highly affordable virtualization solution: Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS). Truly an all-in-one VDI offering, Parallels RAS enhances Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS), making it easy to build and deploy virtual desktops across a network connection.

Additionally, Parallels RAS offers all the necessary virtualization features such as automatic load balancing and two-factor security authentication—without the need for third-party software or complicated configurations.

Streamlined Virtualization with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

While offering comprehensive virtualization at a fraction of the price, Parallels realized that it could make VDI even more accessible for small- and medium-sized businesses by addressing hardware costs.

Parallels decided to support Lenovo® Converged HX Series, integrated with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform software, in order to offer organizations of all sizes a highly accessible turnkey hyperconverged solution. Working closely with Lenovo and Nutanix, Parallels tests and certifies selected hardware to ensure compatibility with Parallels RAS remote desktop solution.

Furthermore, Parallels has developed a set of new APIs tailored to the Lenovo Converged HX Series solution to simplify and automate VDI management processes on the platform.

Together, Parallels, Lenovo, and Nutanix make virtualization more accessible by lowering the cost and complexity. Now small- and medium-sized businesses can obtain a comprehensive hyperconverged virtualization solution at a highly affordable rate. It also allows them to scale at ease without investing in expensive hardware or building out their datacenter.

Want to find out more? Contact us for more information about Parallels RAS deployment on Lenovo and Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure.

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