Parallels RAS v16.1 – What’s new

Parallels RAS v16.1 enhances the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution delivered in v16 by adding VDI session management, Remote PC pools, and extended PowerShell API. Version 16.1 also introduces the Performance Monitoring Dashboard, new management settings to control the Parallels HTML5 Client options, and an improved mobile experience.

Parallels RAS v16.1 continues to offer the best value among application and desktop delivery solutions, with several improvements that affect the performance and ease-of-use of the software.

Parallels RAS v16.1 | VDI Improvements

To further streamline the management of VDI environments, Parallels RAS v16.1 adds VDI session management. This allows administrators to perform routine tasks such as logoff, disconnect, and send a message.

Parallels RAS 16.1Picture 1 – VDI session management 

The new Remote PC pools allow access to physical enterprise PCs, providing the most effective physical PCs utilization for companies with work-shift users or users located in different time zones.  

Parallels RAS v16.1

Picture 2 – Remote PC pools are built on the new VDI type “Remote PC” 

Parallels RAS v16.1

Picture 3  To create a list of Remote PCs, static (manual) or dynamic (build on AD OU membership) method can be used. 

Parallels RAS v16.1

Picture 4 – New Remote PC pool has been created based on “All Guest VMs In Host” rule. (Here, a dynamic list of PCs was retrieved from AD OU.) 

Parallels RAS v16.1 |Performance Monitoring Dashboard 

This new optional component is included in Parallels RAS v16.1 and provides infrastructure and resource servers monitoring.  All Parallels RAS agents collect the following data and send it to the database: 

This allows administrators to monitor the performance of the Parallels RAS environment, analyze resource usage, diagnose bottlenecks, and help eliminate potential Parallels RAS misconfigurations.  

Picture 5 – Performance Monitoring Dashboard – Network usage

Picture 6 – Performance Monitoring Dashboard – CPU usage 

Parallels RAS v16.1 | Additional PowerShell Cmdlets 

To utilize automatic scripts and tackle complex configurations and repetitive tasks in a simpler, more streamlined way, administrators are encouraged to use additional PowerShell cmdlets. 

Expose information about components: 

Update and remove Parallels RAS agent: 

Send invitation emails: 

RDS scheduler 

Parallels RAS connection settings: 

See more details. 

This lowers a company’s TCO and allows administrators to employ best practices that ensure a seamless end-user experience. 

Parallels RAS v16.1 | Mobile and HTML5 Client Improvements  

Version 16.1 of Parallels RAS continues to build on its excellent mobile experience by offering updated clients for iOS and Android devices. These clients now offer PC keyboard, a compact list of connections, and improved search.  

Parallels RAS v16.1

Picture 7 – PC keyboard  

Picture 8 – Search on the list of connections 

Parallels RAS v16.1 Parallels RAS v16.1

Picture 9 – Regular list of connections  

Picture 10 – Compact list of connections 

Parallels RAS v16.1 also adds the new management settings to the HTML5 Client, allowing administrators to control file transfer and clipboard redirection features. 

Administrators can control clipboard redirection and file transfer features at the Parallels RAS Gateway level. This means that all users coming via a particular gateway can be prohibited or allowed.  

  Parallels RAS v16.1

Picture 11 – HTML5 settings at Parallels RAS Gateway level 

To control clipboard and file transfer features at the resource level (e.g. at RDSH host), RDS host settings or default server settings can be used. 

Parallels RAS v16.1

Picture 12 – HTML5 settings at RDS host level 

To control clipboard and file transfer features at the user level, it is recommended to use connection policies. 

Parallels RAS v16.1

icture 13 – HTML5 settings in connection policies 

Parallels RAS v16.1|What’s Next 

Parallels RAS v16.1 provides users with a powerful application and desktop delivery solution, ready to support the steady growth the virtual workspace sector is expected to experience over the coming years. If you would like to try it for yourself, download a free 30-day trial. 

In order to explain the advantages of this latest version, we also have prepared a few short videos on the new enhancements and features of v16.1. 

Would you like to learn more about Parallels RAS v16.1 features and how to set them up? View our Knowledge Base articles. 

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