2X and PortWise Guarantee Users Complete Two-Factor Authentication Application Delivery Support

Dallas, TX – June 16, 2010 – 2X Software today announced its recent collaboration with software security provider PortWise to allow identity and access management solutions for 2X customers. While 2X already boasts impressive SSL security protections, PortWise provides additional security measures for 2X remote access to published applications through a variety of two-factor authentication options, including the following:

“Integration with PortWise security solutions allows us to provide our users with an additional measure of critical two-factor authentication security support,” explains Nikolaos Makris, CEO of 2X Software. “We are excited about the new possibilities of our collaboration with PortWise as we continue to develop virtual computing software solutions supported by the highest network security capabilities.”

PortWise uses two-factor authentication methods as the first point of entry for users, integrated with other third party solutions when necessary. When the PortWise portal has authenticated users by the their selected authentication mode, they can then choose from various options for application delivery. PortWise thus assists users in accessing 2X-delivered applications in a safe, secure and efficient way.

For more information on PortWise integration with 2X solutions, please visit: PortWise Security Options for 2X Solutions.

About 2X

2X Software Ltd develops enterprise server-based virtual computing software, enabling desktop virtualization and application streaming on personal computers and thin client devices. Its product line, which includes the award-winning 2X VirtualDesktopServer and 2X ApplicationServer, is easily scalable, installable, and manageable with straightforward licensing, resulting in product prices far below those of competitors. For more information, please visit: http://www.2x.com/.

About PortWise

Trusted Identity and Access Management specialist PortWise, provides a comprehensive, integrated and secure software platform protecting the integrity of employee, partner, or consumer interactions with corporate applications and data across the internet. PortWise enables organizations to protect the integrity of their systems with convenient, low-cost, mobile two-factor authentication, and in-depth device security. In a world ridden with identity theft and corporate espionage, PortWise protects over 1500 organizations and 15 million users. For more information, please visit: http://www.portwise.com.

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