2X RAS Portal For Self-Service IT

Cloud portals are becoming increasingly popular in IT circles in recent times. They provide web-based interfaces that allow users to easily buy and provision cloud services with minimal technical knowledge. Be they hosted apps, services, desktops or IaaS, corporate resources can be hosted in the cloud. Cloud portals are user-friendly and intuitive, and support both tech-savvy and non-tech people.

RAS portal

According to Forrester Research, businesses that are not very infrastructure-oriented want cloud portals that give quick and easy access to corporate resources without requiring complex configuration settings. At the same time, IT managers want cloud portals that provide an easy way to track application performance, load balancing and optimized configuration. Also, 46% of enterprises are building cloud portals for internal use, so that resources can be accessed quickly.

Ideally, businesses should be able to deploy cloud portals quickly and easily. They should also be able to customize these portals so that logged users can access only the required information. With privilege-based customization, resource access becomes fast and simple, while security is highly prioritized. It is very important to organize information in the portal, and to provide mobile access, considering that significant numbers of users may need to access the portal using smartphones. 2X RAS Portal provides a comprehensive solution to all these business demands.

2X RAS Portal

2X RAS Portal is an easy and secure way to publish hosted applications, desktops and services to remote users using a web-based portal. You can organize information and customize the portal to provide the required applications. The interface is intuitive and highly customizable. Companies can apply their branding to each screen of the web portal; administrators can customize by changing company name, placing their logo or a banner, and defining a color theme. It is also possible to customize the welcome message and the URL that users follow to access the customized portal.RAS portal

Dart Innovations, a leading company in web and mobile development, has published an example of the level of customization achievable with 2X RAS Portal. The company is able to provide any level of customization to the design, and to certain basic functionality as well. The flexibility of the 2X solution enables the transformation of a traditional web portal into an effective communication tool for internal and external customers.

2X RAS Portal provides unlimited connections and delivers a full screen experience, using minimal bandwidth. Security is highly prioritized, with SSL and two-factor authentication. A full keyboard with US and UK on-screen support is available. Auto-configuration of the client is available: when a user logs on to the 2X RAS Portal, the software automatically searches for the 2X RDP Client and prompts for client installation – providing the link to download it – if the client is not found; no additional configuration is required because the client is auto-configured and ready for the connection. Resources can be invoked very easily, by clicking on them. With 2X RAS Portal, internal and external use of resources is easy and cost-effective


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