Rise Lawyers Office (Rise) was established in Saitama city, Saitama prefecture in February 2011 and has grown to cover seven cities in Japan over the past five years (*As of the end of 2016). Today, the firm is known for providing world-class services in debt consolidation, civil rehabilitation, and recovery of overpayments for retail clients to corporate clients across Japan.

To meet the rapidly growing demand for its services, Rise Lawyers Office has set up offices in Omiya, Sendai, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe and most recently in Yokohama, and currently employs more than 100 employees.

With its sights set on further nationwide expansion, Rise Lawyers Office needed an IT strategy that can scale to complement its ambition without compromising on data security, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

At the same time, the company sought to acquire the ISO 27001 certification, which sets an internationally recognized standard for keeping information assets secure. The certification will further bolster customer confidence in Rise’s ability to manage and safeguard sensitive corporate information such as financial details, intellectual property, and more.

After a comprehensive survey of various IT solutions and implementations, Rise selected Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) as it not only met all the firm’s technology requirements, but also empowered it with practical business benefits on several fronts.

First, Parallels RAS enabled Rise Lawyers Office to shore up its IT security by centralizing all data storage and desktop applications on its corporate servers. The virtualized data and apps are then “pushed” to employee end-devices in a private network segment that’s separate from the public internet.

This approach of separating personal and corporate data and apps reduces the risk of malware from the public internet infecting data and apps on the server, and minimizes the risk of compromised end-user devices from leaking confidential information.

Thus, Rise could optimize and data protection and risk management system. The firm could acquire its ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, reinforcing customer trust and strengthening its reputation in the legal industry.

The consolidation of IT assets with Parallels RAS was a boon for Rise’s in-house IT staff, who could manage applications and desktops that use RSDH and VDI under a single pane of glass. This not only enhanced the IT department’s efficiency, but also cut down on IT support and maintenance costs.

Parallels RAS also boosted Rise’s enterprise mobility capabilities. Employee productivity and business efficiency greatly increased as they can now choose to work anywhere without being tied to their office desk.

Ease-of-use was a crucial consideration as employees are spread across multiple offices and a variety of devices. Parallels RAS allowed Rise employees choose to accomplish their work on a variety of their favorite devices, including popular Windows and Mac OS computers, the latest iPhone and Android smartphones, and thin clients like Chrome OS and Raspberry Pi. Empowered by devices that they are familiar with and love using, employees did not require as much support from IT staff, improving the firm’s efficiency and productivity across the board.

Thanks to Parallels RAS and the key benefits outlined above, Rise now has the peace of mind to embark on further business growth and expansion, confident that all its IT needs have been met as it scales into the future.

For more details of Rise’s business challenges, Parallels RAS implementations, and key positive deployment outcomes, please read the full case study here:


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