Smart Working is The Future | Parallels Insights

What is Smart Working?

Smart working is a model that uses new technologies and the development of existing technologies to improve job performance, satisfaction, and a more profitable way of working.

Closely related to teleworking, smart working adds greater mobility to the features of traditional remote working. Rather than only working from home, you can work in almost any other place that has an internet connection, including parks, coffee shops, and airport departure lounges.

A variety of devices are used to facilitate such flexibility at work, including tablets smartphones.

Benefits of Smart Working

While the technology exists that allows people to work from any location, many companies are still unaware of its benefits, such as reducing the need to travel, increasing employee productivity and well-being. Other benefits include:

Is Your Company “Smart Working” Ready?

A recent study in the U.S. shows that 77% of remote employees say they’re more productive when working from home. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and provide employees with the flexibility to work from any location.

Parallels RAS: Remote Working Made Easy

An ideal solution for remote working is Parallels® Remote Application Server, an all-in-one virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution that securely delivers applications and virtual desktops to any device, anytime, anywhere.

With Parallels RAS, your employees can seamlessly access their work desktops, applications, and files from any location, on any device – including smartphones. Our cloud-ready software supports multi-cloud deployments, centralizes the management of your IT infrastructure and reinforces data security.

Don’t wait to explore all the benefits Parallels RAS can offer your organization.

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