Parallels RAS wins two TrustRadius Top Rated 2023 Awards thanks to customer reviews

Parallels® RAS has won TrustRadius Top Rated 2023 Awards for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Application Virtualization!

TrustRadius’ Top Rated Awards are granted based on user reviews and sentiment. Therefore, we have our loyal customers to thank for this proud achievement!

The Parallels teams are thrilled that Parallels RAS was honored with these two prestigious, user-driven awards. Each of these accomplishments highlights how our software helps teams across the world enable secure access for remote, mobile, and hybrid work.

Why did TrustRadius recognize the Parallels RAS solution for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Application Virtualization?

TrustRadius is an independent, third-party review site used by over one million business-to-business (B2B) technology buyers each month (over 50% of which are from large enterprises) to make more informed purchase decisions.  Parallels RAS won two TrustRadius Top Rated 2023 Awards in the following categories:

Parallels RAS won these awards because of its ability to enable companies and their IT teams to implement, deploy, and manage virtual apps and desktops—without complexity.   Furthermore, our remote application server allows remote, hybrid, and on-premises team members to stay connected and productive from anywhere, anytime, and in nearly any situation.

Why did Parallels RAS earn Top Rated Awards for VDI and Application Virtualization solutions?

Parallels RAS is often recognized for its ease of implementation and ease of use along with its excellent technical support and affordability compared to competitors.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what real Parallels RAS users have had to say about our product on TrustRadius.

One verified user and manager in Information Technology rated Parallels RAS 10 out of 10, and stated that, “Parallels RAS allows us to work from home efficiently and effectively through remote desktops that are completely secured and with great speed which enables our employees to work at their greatest potential.”

Martyn T., a verified user and director of management information systems at Lift Accounting rated Parallels RAS 10 out of 10, and recently reported that, “Parallels RAS is resourceful in managing different processes remotely, where there are systematic approaches for file and systems sharing.”

Madrina T., a systems software engineer at BeWorks rated Parallels RAS 9 out of 10 and thinks that “Parallels RAS is extensive in ensuring various operations are accurately managed and handled remotely, which brings the teamwork together, and supports the productivity of the company.”

Madrina went on to write, “More so, Parallels RAS has inclined the coordination with different IT programs, where smooth and supported integration are well enhanced. Besides, Parallels RAS provides perfect end to end lock or encryption of data, where advanced analytics is well conducted.”

As of today, Parallels RAS has 226 reviews on TrustRadius and a ranking of 8.9 out of 10 stars.

What is the TrustRadius Top Rated Award, and why is it so highly valued?

In most software categories, there are plenty of different options to choose from. To make choosing easier, TrustRadius’ yearly Top Rated awards help potential customers identify the products that have the best of all customer satisfaction ratings.

These prestigious awards are a culmination of many excellent, in-depth user ratings and reviews from the last 12 months.

Top Rated awards are based entirely on reviews. There is no paid placement or analyst opinion.

To qualify for a Top Rated award, a product must meet the following three criteria for recency, rating, and relevance at the time the awards are issued:

*A trScore is an algorithm that calculates a product’s scores based on a weighted average of reviews and ratings on TrustRadius, rather than a simple average.  Unlike other “top rated” awards out there whose recipients may be selected by partisan analysts, TrustRadius is powered by real users, backed by research specialists, and moderated for truth and quality. Learn more about the TrustRadius scoring methodology.

Learn more about Parallels RAS 

Parallels RAS is a streamlined solution that delivers virtual desktops and applications—without complexity.   In the latest version of Parallels RAS, we improved the end-user experience, primarily focusing on Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop workload integration. Our newest update includes:

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