Effectively Manage Your Virtual Offices With 2X RAS

Virtual offices have become the latest trend in business circles in recent times. If you want to reduce infrastructure costs or provide a work-from-home environment for your employees, it makes sense to set up remote offices. The BYOD approach – in which a company’s IT infrastructure is extended by employee-owned devices – has increased the advantages of a remote office. For example, departments such as customer support or telemarketing can be completely virtualized with outstanding performance.

Virtual Offices: Technological Challenges

A virtual office involves the provision of rich and secure network services for employees located outside the corporate office. By providing network services such as data, audio and video applications to employees, a virtual working environment is created regardless of the employee’s location. Virtual offices optimize time, space and expenses. At the same time, they pose certain challenges as well. Maintaining effective communication with the corporate office is a challenge. Remote employees need to access tools and resources to effectively perform their job. When employees access corporate resources from a remote location, security is a concern. Moreover, employees access company resources from a variety of devices and platforms that require a unified communication system. Assisting an employee to troubleshoot a problem on his workstation can be very complex, since the IT department does not have  physical access to the machine.

Virtual Offices with 2X RAS

A Virtual Office offers several advantages, but it is important to select the right software solution to manage it effectively: you need powerful and easy-to-manage tools.

2X Remote Application Server (2X RAS) is the right solution for your virtual business management needs. With its setup and configuration wizard it can be up and running in less than five minutes. No extra add-on installations are required, since all the components are activated and fully functional from the very beginning. 2X RAS provides seamless virtual desktop and application delivery from a centralized location, and leverages your current farm infrastructure because it is able to work simultaneously on different hypervisors such as VMware, Citrix and Hyper-V.

Remote users can access corporate information from a variety of devices and platforms. 2X RAS enables remote workers to access corporate applications through HTML5 browsers directly, without any installation required; this transforms any browser into a powerful and complete workstation. 2X application virtualization enables the mobile workforce to access even MS Office applications using Chromebooks. 2X printing redirection allows users to print documents from any device, even an Android tablet or a browser.

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Data are stored centrally and processed securely. Administrators can monitor sensitive data in real time. With policy-based access, you can assign different privileges to each user, following your company’s user group policy. Resource-based load balancing provides continuous hypervisor availability to guarantee constant business continuity.

With 2X RAS’ client management tools, it is possible to manage and secure any Windows client, even those with outdated operating systems, like Windows XP. Automatic client setup and remote assistance offer a high standard of helpdesk support to any user, anywhere.

With application delivery, data security, mobility and easy management, 2X RAS delivers comprehensive solutions to the virtual office needs of businesses of all sizes.

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