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windows server 2019Microsoft’s Windows Server team is working hard on preparing the 2019 release. They’ve already released several new features in the past months as well as multiple refinements geared toward a polished end product. 

The Final Stages 

If you’re considering becoming an expert on the product for employability or transaction purposes, if you’re thinking to release software for the new platform, or if you intend to utilize Windows Server 2019, this is the best time to get into it! 

Microsoft has been asking for feedback on two things that are important to make the product more customer-friendly: 

Windows Server 2019: Summary of Features 

Some of the new features included are: 


Standard Networking Enhancements 

The HTTP/2 and LEDBAT presentations are exciting to watch. Even in private home systems, we have long wanted a way to shape the way that various networking activities utilize the available networking bandwidth in an optimum way. 

Hyper-V Networking Enhancements 

Removing VMM or a third-party tool need to control the software-defined networking feature is a huge step. SDN is of great use to cloud and host providers as well as to large organizations that stretch the limits of VLANs. Still, SDN presents more than scalability; it also provides a higher degree of isolation. We have been using separate Hyper-V virtual switches for isolation, but those become complicated to use for multiple VMs, especially in clusters. Now, everyone can utilize SDN. 

Specialized Bus Support 

Multiple problems are address with server virtualization, but there are still a few restrictions to virtual-only deployments. Hardware peripherals are at the top of those restrictions. The newly introduced bus functionality in Windows Server containers may offer a solution. It won’t be full virtualization, but it grants the ability to run a hardware-dependent container on a general-purpose host. 

This feature concerns IoT challenges. It is still unclear if we can fit it inside existing hardware challenges. 

Windows Server 2019 Security Enhancements 

The two new and more particular changes are: 

Windows Admin Center Enhancements for Hyper-V 

Several changes applied to Windows Admin Center. It appears that Microsoft has been working on the user experience (UX) of this tool. Moreover, WAC has extra control features across Hyper-V. 

Windows Server 2019 and Parallels RAS

Coming Soon: Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) will be supporting Windows Server 2019 Standard and Datacenter Editions to host Parallels RAS infrastructure roles including Parallels RAS Secure Client Gateways and Publishing Agents along with utilizing RD Session and VDI capabilities enabling organizations to leverage the advantages of this new server OS fully.
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