Remote Assistance with Parallels RAS Remote Application Server

shutterstock_128793685Parallels RAS Remote Assistance is a convenient way for a technical support team to connect to any remote desktop and walk the user through a solution. The connection uses the Parallels RDP client tunnel to ensure security and protection of corporate data. Parallels RAS provides full mobile workforce support, while securing all transmitted data. IT administrators can assist the mobile workforce through remote access, while making sure that all the transmitted data are secured.

Support Made Easy

With the increase in workforce mobility, there is a need for a solution that allows IT administrators to offer assistance anywhere at any time.

Parallels RAS enables instant, secure and trouble-free connections between remote computers anywhere. The helpdesk team can connect to the device and manipulate it with the same agility as though sitting in front of it. The IT administrator’s possibilities are endless with the shadowing tool, resulting in an enormous jump in support quality.

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What can Parallels RAS Remote Assistance do for You?

With the Parallels solution you can manage remote desktops without complicated configuration adjustments or firewall settings. Parallels RAS makes it easy to retrieve necessary documents and files from any Windows desktop, even if stored locally. It allows you to set up or activate specific software on the local machine or on the remote desktop generated by Parallels RAS.

Easily set up and troubleshoot remote PC’s over a secure and encrypted connection with Parallels RAS remote assistance!