Remote Access:
The Ultimate Guide to Remote Access Computers

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The internet makes it possible for people to work remotely, but sometimes you do not have the computer you want to use. You need to access your personal computer or office desktop remotely to complete tasks. To do this, you need a remote desktop connection. As long as the other computer is turned on and set up to accept remote connections, you can access it and work remotely.

What is Remote Access?

Remote desktop access is an application that allows users to access their computers remotely. Most operating systems enable remote computer access on the same network, but it is also possible to access computers on other networks remotely over the internet.

How to remotely access another computer

There are two main ways of accessing another computer over the internet:

  • Using proprietary remote access software
  • Using the built-in remote desktop application

Built-In remote desktop application

The most popular operating systems such as Windows and Mac come with an in-built remote desktop application. The user does not require to install additional software to set up the remote desktop application.

Windows to Windows Remote Access

All you need to do is search for "remote access" on the start menu, and the application will appear. If the computer you want to access remotely over the internet is within the same network, type its name. Click "connect" and log in with your username and password. The computer will open, and you can proceed to complete tasks on it. If the computer is on another network, you will need to type its IP address on the start window to access it remotely.

Mac to Mac Remote Access

If the computer you want to access remotely over the internet is on the same network, the connection is easy. On the computer you are using, go to System Preferences and click Sharing Pane. Click Screen Sharing and search for the computer you want to access. Double-click on it and click on the Share Screen button. Then login with your username and password to connect to the remote desktop. If the computer is on another network, type its IP address, click "connect," then login with your username and password.

Proprietary software

You can access remote access capability by signing a contract with a service provider. The software provider allows you to open an account and access their remote desktop platform. You will need to install some software on all the computers on your network so that they are connected to the remote desktop application. To use the application, you will need to log into your account and click on your computer's name to access it remotely.

Proprietary software offers more solutions than the in-built remote desktop applications on popular operating systems. You can access several monitors on the application and have the option to scale up operations without investing in IT infrastructure. For example, Parallel's Remote Application Server provides enhanced data security through centralized monitoring and restricted access. They also scale up client's IT infrastructure on-demand through the Azure Cloud.


Built-in applications are free but have downsides, such as lack of secure access and low resolutions. Further, they do not support multiple monitors, so you can't use them to access several computers remotely. Conversely, proprietary remote applications offer secure connections and the possibility to scale up remote connections.

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