Case Study: Assurex Reduces IT Staff Hours with Parallels RAS

The Customer: Assurex

Assurex (about) is a Lebanese insurance company established in 1978 by Société Khalil Fattal & Fils (KFF), along with reputable international insurers and bankers. Today, Assurex employs over 90 professionals in its head office and six branches. Its aim is a continual healthy growth with increase in premium volume, though not at the expense of technical provisions. 


The Partner: EXEO

EXEO is a team of vanguard technology professionals based between Beirut and Dubai. The team collaborates with clients to develop digitally enabled solutions that enhance their business outcomes. 


The Challenge: Reduce the complexity and cost of on-premises IT network operations

One of the most trusted insurers in the Arab world, Assurex was looking for a centralized virtualization solution that was affordable and comprehensive. Assurex primarily needed a solution that allowed them to deliver applications to end-user devices. Additionally, the IT department wanted to streamline the remote assistance activity, which would help address technical issues on end-user devices connected to the on-premises network at each of the six branches.

Another important requirement was device redirection, especially printer redirection. In a virtual infrastructure, the end users needed to be able to use a local printer to print documents from their client devices or a web portal. Before, configuring local printers was a challenging task that consumed IT staff hours and cost the organization valuable resources.

To reduce the company’s IT cost and complexity, Assurex came to EXEO, who helped the insurance business find the right virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution to fit their needs. 


“We wanted a remote desktop solution for each company branch.” 

Johnny KhouryHead of IT Department, Assurex 


The Solution: Seamless Parallels RAS excels for both end users and IT staff 

Following the lightning-fast deployment of Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS), the IT staff was finally able to provide secure, easy-to-use application publishing to employee devices through client connections or a web portal. While other solutions (such as Citrix) rely on sprawling infrastructure configurations, Parallels RAS stood out because of its simplicity, saving the IT department valuable time and resources. 


The Benefits: Reduced IT hours, better device support

Firstly, Assurex achieved a significant reduction in the number of hours required by IT staff to set up and support remote devices. The remote IT team now enjoys a seamless way to provision emulator software to remote desktops. Secondly, Parallels RAS also allowed the IT team to extend remote support options for any device, without needing to physically touch them. Assurex was extremely pleased with the ease of printer redirection, as well.  


Together, the comprehensive virtualization features offered by Parallels RAS allowed the insurance company to lower its costs while cutting back on IT complexity. 


“The printer redirection feature has been a dream for us in the IT department, so many hours have been saved!”  

Johnny KhouryHead of IT Department, Assurex 


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