Godiva Chocolatier simplified IT with Parallels RAS

Godiva Chocolatier

“Prior to having Parallels Remote Application Server, we had to update applications on each machine. With Remote Application Server, we can just do an update once and publish it to all users.”

Thomas Cauwenberg
Godiva Chocolatier

Godiva Chocolatier chose Parallels Remote Application Server for a simplified IT management system. Remote Application Server make application updates simple and easy.

Company Overview

Godiva ChocolatierFor the past ninety years, Godiva has led the chocolate category through its pioneering innovation and impressive culinary artistry. Godiva’s heritage is rooted in its founding family’s skilled craftsmanship and passion for chocolate, which is upheld today by Godiva’s five Belgian-trained chef chocolatiers. Based in key markets around the world, the chefs create award-winning chocolate creations that push the boundaries of their art. Founded in a home-atelier in Brussels, Godiva now has over 600 owned boutiques and is present in more than 100 countries around the world—from Europe to Asia, from North America to the Middle East. To find out more information, please visit godivachocolates.eu.

The Challenge

Performing local installations was time-consuming and cumbersome. To update one server application, the team had to update all desktops. Godiva was looking for an inexpensive solution that could simplify IT management.

The Solution

Godiva Chocolatier chose Parallels Remote Application Server for a simplified IT management system. Godiva has stores in Belgium, Paris, UK, Germany, Italy, US, Japan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore and offices located in over 80 countries. Production servers are located in Belgium and the US. Parallels Remote Application Server is used at the production site in Belgium. The company also uses Windows Remote Desktop Services, although there is no VDI. There are a total of 250 virtual desktops and 50 concurrent users at any point in time. The company was publishing personalized applications to in-house. The features of Parallels Remote Application Server most used by the Godiva Chocolatier company are the Server Load Balancing and Application Publishing.

Key Benefits

Godiva realized an immediate benefit with the simplified IT management. The ability to upgrade all applications at once made the company extremely happy. The company was able to publish applications in a central location and easily publish them to remote desktops. Regardless of the type of end user device, the company was able to securely publish applications while also being able to manage the entire infrastructure from a centralized dashboard.

By using Parallels Remote Application Server, the Godiva Chocolatier company was able to consolidate IT operations. The best thing about Parallels Remote Application Server is that the company was able to update a single application on the server, and it was readily available to all end users. There was no need to update each desktop, which saved lot of time.

Another important benefit of Parallels Remote Application Server is its inexpensive price tag. Compared to Citrix and VMware, Parallels Remote Application Server came at 1/3 the price, which resulted in an increased ROI for the company. Remote Application Server is easy to install and manage; moreover, the tool comes with all virtualization features in a single package. The Parallels Remote Application Server support was extremely helpful. Godiva has been using Parallels Remote Application Server for eight years, and Parallels Remote Application Server plays a key role in their expansion plans.

About Parallels

Parallels is a privately-held virtualization company that is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, USA. Founded in 1999, the company quickly evolved into a global leader in cross-platform solutions. Ingenuity and innovation are the two important hallmarks of Parallels, which is clearly seen in every product release of the company. Parallels acquired 2X Software in 2015 to strengthen its virtualization portfolio. Today, the company has offices across 15 countries and employs more than one thousand people.

Remote Application Server (RAS) is an award-winning product from Parallels. This comprehensive virtualization tool enables businesses to securely publish desktops and applications to any device and at any time. Parallels Remote Application Server is easy to deploy and use. It provides a single dashboard for simplified IT management. The tool supports major hypervisors, browsers, and a range of devices and platforms. The high availability load balancing component lets you efficiently route traffic at peak hours. Most importantly, Parallels Remote Application Server is significantly cost-effective. To learn more about Parallels RAS, visit http://www.parallels.com/products/ras/