Case Study: Larry the Computer Guy and Parallels RAS

Larry the Computer Guy: Michigan-Based MSP Harnesses Parallels RAS to Provide Safe, Secure Digital Services

Customer Profile: Larry the Computer Guy

Located in Commerce, Michigan, Larry the Computer Guy has been providing IT and general computing solutions for a broad range of business customers for over 25 years. As a managed service provider (MSP), the company’s goal is to provide secure and reliable computing solutions that are custom-designed to meet the business strategies of each individual client.

The Challenge

Larry the Computer Guy relied on Microsoft RDS to provide desktop management, remote assistance, and application publishing. The solution was unreliable and proved difficult when users attempted to access and use remote applications, desktop software, and cloud-based programs such as Microsoft Office (client and server software), Genius Solutions (software systems), QuickBooks (accounting solutions), and LogMeIn (remote access and desktop software). Customers were also having difficulty linking previously used systems (including Windows XP) and support for new devices—such as Google Chromebook™—was not available. These issues led to wasted production time for both the client as well as the support staff at Larry the Computer Guy.

The Solution

Larry Forsyth, president of Larry the Computer Guy, carefully weighed his options before choosing Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) for the company’s virtualization solution. Parallels RAS is a complete solution for application and virtual desktop delivery.

For Larry, the key feature offered by Parallels RAS was its ability to run applications from terminal services as though they were running on a desktop. Simplified support for a broad range of clients—including Mac®, Android, iOS, and Windows (including Windows XP)—also factored into the decision. The remote assistance features allowed the staff at Larry the Computer Guy to quickly and efficiently address their clients’ support issues, eliminate issues leading to user difficulty, and forego the complicated use of the Microsoft RDS system.

Key Benefits: Straightforward, easy-to-install application delivery solution

Through the use of Parallels RAS, Larry the Computer Guy was able to provide reliable and secure virtualization solutions that could easily be customized to each client’s needs. The company discovered that the wizards provided by Parallels RAS system management greatly simplified time-consuming tasks. The broad range of client support and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) capabilities kept hardware costs to a minimum by allowing their clients to postpone Windows XP PC replacements, as well as integrate lower-cost PC replacements such as Chromebooks. Users were able to securely access applications such as Microsoft Office, Genius Solutions, LogMeIn, and more.

For Larry the Computer Guy, the decision to change their desktop virtualization and application delivery system from Microsoft RDS to Parallels RAS resulted in significant benefits internally—as well as for their clients. Parallels RAS provided a lower cost of ownership while improving security, reliability, and the overall client experience.

“Parallels provides a complete package. It is very easy to set up on the technician side and provides a great end user experience.”

– Larry Forsyth, President, Larry the Computer Guy

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