Case Study: Quasar Limited Chooses Parallels RAS to Securely Deliver Applications to Employees

The Customer: Quasar Limited 

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The Challenge: A VDI solution that is secure and accessible from anywhere

Quasar Limited had previously not used any virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) software solutions. However, the business needed to publish web-based application content that could be accessible from various browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome) on both Windows and Mac® operating systems. Virtual browsers posed an added benefit of being isolated from a device’s operating system and could be virtualized as a standalone application in a virtual machine (VM). It was also necessary to make use of secure remote access to business applications from any device, enabling employees to access line-of-business (LOB) applications from anywhere at any time.  Moreover, Quasar Limited was looking to expand its IT infrastructure using cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services™ (AWS). Quasar Limited needed a software solution that was able to support on-premises, hybrid, and public-cloud deployments. The business required a secure platform from which to run its online monetary functions remotely, such as managing its casino-based platform. 

The Solution: Parallels RAS provides seamless, immediate access

After careful research, Quasar Limited investigated Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS), a complete solution for application and virtual desktop delivery. Parallels RAS was able to provide Quasar Limited with immediate and easy-to-use access to key browsers. Parallels RAS also supports the operating systems most used by the organization, allowing seamless access from Mac and Windows workstations.  


“The whole process was very easy, quick, and provided access from the get-go. 

Applications run smoothly and provide our users with value when working remotely.”

Key Benefits: Lower TCO with improved security and reliability 

Quasar Limited was able to deploy virtual applications and desktops to any remote device with ease. Parallels RAS uses a simple process that saves time and provides immediate access to the platform—without complex setup or the need for VPNs and home PC setup. Applications now run with reduced complexity, providing employees with good value, especially when working remotely. Quasar Limited’s decision to utilize Parallels RAS resulted in substantial benefits from within the business, as well as for its employees. Parallels RAS provided a lower cost of ownership while improving security, reliability, and the overall employee experience.  Try Parallels RAS with a 30-day free trial.