Case Study: TSG Networks Replaces Citrix with Parallels Remote Application Server

TSG Networks Replaces Citrix with Parallels RAS to Serve Customers with Faster, Simpler Virtualization Solution

Company Overview: TSG Networks

TSG NetworksTSG Networks – Based in El Cerrito, California, TSG Networks ( was founded by siblings Gloria Burt and Teryl Burt in 1979. Within the first six years, their company earned a place on the INC 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America list, showing 1,602.3% growth over five years. Keeping pace with rapid technology changes, they now focus on providing managed services.

TSG’s founders are committed to supplying superior customer service by employing the most advanced computer technologies. The company’s core competency is developing and implementing cost-effective, efficient solutions to help their clients automate business infrastructure.

The Challenge: Unsatisfied with sluggish, complex application delivery solutions

One of TSG’s clients had an office in California, an office in Washington D.C. and multiple remote workers scattered across various regions in the United States. While the client had used Citrix for many years, a large percentage of their staff was not satisfied with the complex application and desktop delivery solution and used a VPN instead.

A few years ago, the company added a Microsoft RDS platform to address the problems with their Citrix-based virtualization solution. However, the RDS-only solution did not work on a consistent basis. Furthermore, Herb (another sibling) said that Citrix did not provide satisfactory technical support to address issues with its complex virtualization solution.

The Solution: Parallels RAS automates virtualization solution for clients

TSG Networks chose Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) to publish remote applications and desktops to its clients. TSG Networks publishes MS Office, Office 365, Raiser’s Edge, FundEZ, LMS (a legacy program), Google Chrome™, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and other applications to anywhere from 26 to 100 concurrent users.

TSG Networks relies on Parallels RAS for application publishing and desktop management. The company also uses Parallels RAS virtualization features such as VDI and HTML5 Gateway to provide their customers with seamless access to shared applications and desktops.

Since adopting the Parallels RAS virtualization solution, TSG Networks has been “extremely pleased with the level of support provided by the entire Parallels team.”

Key Benefits: Straightforward, low-cost, BYOD-enabled application delivery solution

Almost immediately after switching to Parallels RAS, TSG Networks experienced many benefits. The painless implementation of cloud, on-premise, and hybrid deployments made Parallels RAS a quick asset to the company’s bottom-line and ability to serve its clients. With Parallels RAS, TSG Network was able to migrate end users to Parallels RAS in a few hours rather than weeks or months.

With the all-in-one virtualization solution Parallels RAS, TSG Networks was able to lower their costs. Parallels RAS offers straightforward, low-cost licensing that includes a comprehensive set of virtualization features, including an automated load balancer and printer redirection. By using the installation and desktop publishing wizards, TSG Networks was able to simplify time-consuming tasks and cut back on virtual application and desktop delivery costs.

Finally, TSG Networks was able to leverage the mobile-friendly end-user experience provided by Parallels RAS. This helped their customers implement bring-your-own-Device (BYOD) and choose-your-own-device (CYOD) policies in the workplace. By leveraging Parallels RAS virtualization technology and RDP connections, TSG Networks could easily bridge between the server farm and remote devices to deliver a close-to-native experience to end users on any device, including Android and iOS.

“If you’re looking for an affordable, uncomplicated way to expand your business, look no further than Parallels RAS.” –Herb Burt, VP Customer Development, TSG Networks

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